Sharon Stone showed off a bombshell look in a black mini: Such a hot 64-year-old star – Worldstar

legendary actress, Sharon Stone He met Elemental Instinct in 1992, but appeared in a number of well-known productions before that, such as Magnum, Police Academy 4th – Civil Squad, or Total Recall – The Memorial.

She began her modeling career in Europe before deciding to move to the United States and become a star.

Sharon Stone at the age of 64 in a short dress

Sharon Stone simply will not have time, the 64-year-old star is in perfect condition, looks elegant and airy. It’s no coincidence that major fashion companies are still fond of working with him, as Dolce & Gabbana shot a campaign movie with him in May.

She wore a surprisingly short black dress, plus her cleavage was no object. With her trademark, short blonde hair, and sunglasses, she was like a true diva.

The commercial was filmed in Venice, Italy, and the actress appeared not alone, but with two apparently charming young men seeking her services.

The beautiful star got married for the first time at the age of 26, then Michael said yes to Greenberg, and they divorced three years later. Then he had two relationships in which he was asked for his hand, but instead of a wedding, they ended up breaking up.

Her second husband was Phil Bronstein, with whom they wanted to start a family. However, Sharon Stone was unable to carry her pregnancy due to illness, so they eventually decided to adopt. Rowan Joseph Bronstein was born in 2000. After their divorce, the actress married two young sons, Laird and Quinn.

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Julia Roberts wears a bikini at the age of 54

The actress who is famous for her huge smile enjoys swimming with her family as her husband Danny Modor is a fan of surfing. The star was last photographed on a beach in Australia in late December 2021. She was wearing a neon pink swimsuit at the time, which highlighted her feminine figure well.

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