Sharing the password away from home? This is why Netflix will ask for more money!

However, it can be solved with a little trick (we set up one of our computers as a server with Tailscale software) so that we don’t have to log in once a month from where we think of as our home.

In the case of Netflix subscriptions, it is common for subscribers to share passwords among their friends. With this, of course, the service has fewer subscribers than users, and Netflix wants to take action against that. One in a blog post They declared that from now on there is no excuse: although we ourselves determine who we live with at home, it would not be particularly appropriate to share our password with others, and Netflix also specified what to expect if we did:

Starting today, we’re sending this email to our members who share Netflix outside of their homes in the US. One household can use one Netflix account. People in that household can use Netflix anywhere (at home, on the go, on vacation) and benefit from New features like profile transfer and access, and device management.We understand that our members have many entertainment options.That’s why we continue to invest heavily in a wide variety of new movies and TV shows, so no matter your taste, mood, or language, whatever Whoever you watch, there is always something satisfying to watch on Netflix,” Netflix wrote.

There will be an additional $8 per month (maybe HUF 3,000) per month, which you will have to pay if you share your password, or rogue users can switch to membership, i.e. they will have to pay as well. The main account owner must purchase a new membership slot to which they can invite the ‘external’ user, who must activate their membership in the same country as the account owner. Or, if you have a fast enough internet, you can play tricks with software…

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this video It shows you step by step how Tailscale can be used to watch Netflix connected via a home computer, for example on the other side of the world on our mobile phone. Then you don’t have to pay, and you just need approx. To spend ten minutes with the settings… (Isn’t that what they call a typical Hungarian goalkeeper?)

source: WCCFTech

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