Shanghai signs agreement with Chinese giant constellation constellation Group

Shanghai signs agreement with Chinese giant constellation constellation Group

The Shanghai government on Wednesday reached an agreement with a state-owned company responsible for the country’s planned massive broadband constellation, also aimed at setting up a space center to support the mass production of reusable rockets and satellites.

Shanghai Party Secretary Li Qiang met with Zhang Dongchen, president of China Satellite Network Group, and Yang Baohua, group CEO, at the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation framework agreement in the city on Feb. 16.

The China Satellite Network Consortium, sometimes referred to as “Xingwang” or SatNet, was founded in 2021 to oversee a national project to create a massive constellation of about 13,000 satellites orbiting the Earth.

Shanghai and SatNet have agreed to work closely together to achieve mutually beneficial results in various areas, but the planned developments are not detailed. The move came after Satnet set up two companies in December in the southwestern Chinese city of Chongqing.

The The project It was included in China’s plans for the next five years, but neither the schedule for building the constellation nor when the service could begin has been published. Many Chinese commercial missile companies She is now referring to the “Satellite Internet” project as a contract option.

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