'Shame on science' - Dutch engineers respond to Frans Timmermans' honorary doctorate

‘Shame on science’ – Dutch engineers respond to Frans Timmermans’ honorary doctorate

Engineers will protest when TU Delft awards an honorary doctorate to “Climate Pope” Frans Timmermans in January. Nearly five thousand signatures of Frans Timmermans for the title of TU Delft have not been awarded to an honorary doctorate.

Frans Timmermans, Vice President of the European Commission, will receive an honorary doctorate from Delft University of Technology in the first weeks of January, citing his political achievements in the field of energy transition, according to reports. Lap Gelderlander Holland. Jan Asselbergs, a former graduate of TU Delft, says it is unacceptable for a university to award an honorary doctorate to someone who talks nonsense about the energy transition.

“Timmermans is not a scientist but a cunning politician”

Egbert de Baer, ​​a university graduate, said about thirty Delft University of Technology alumni wrote a letter to the university’s president, Tim van der Hagen, to change the decision.

Timmermans is not a scientist but a cunning politician.

Bayer also demanded that the university remove Timmermans from the list of engineering graduates after he was awarded an honorary doctorate.

A TU Delft spokesperson said the honorary doctorate is for social, not scientific achievement. But Bayer said he sees nothing more than a left-wing ploy to get the funding. But Bayer also expresses strong skepticism about the Timmermans’ repeated propaganda about carbon “populist statements” that a CO2-free society must be achieved with windmills and solar panels everywhere.

He believes the TU should give way to more skepticism and critical thinking about the climate crisis.

“The basis of science is to think critically about theories and to refute them where possible.” confirmed. He stressed that Timmermans does not understand nuclear energy and makes statements that have no basis in reality and thus actually impede the energy transition.

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Jan Asselbergs is strongly against the appointment and is ready to resign. At the end of November, he launched a petition, which has already been signed by nearly 5,000 people.

He emphasized:

“It is a disgrace to the university as a knowledge institution.”

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