Shakus Panhedi: It's a miracle we didn't go to the dilapidated house

Shakus Panhedi: It’s a miracle we didn’t go to the dilapidated house

Members of the Hungarian short-distance speed skating team after returning home Friday assessed the results achieved at the Beijing Winter Olympics with fatigue but relief.

“The Summer Olympics in Tokyo did not take place at the original time, and there were at least many reasons for that to happen with the Winter Games in Beijing, luckily it did not. In the days leading up to the start, the omicron variant of the coronavirus pandemic was at its peak in Hungary, so we couldn’t tell when and for whom the reaper would hit. I can’t tell you how it felt to get up and lie down. It’s a miracle we didn’t go to a dilapidated houseSuccess requires 500m gold medalist Liu Chawang not to collapse after his positive test result, coach Ákos Bánhidi said at a press conference on Friday, but he needs team members who stayed home to volunteer at risk of injury.

Panhedi thought that the Hungarian team was realistic, because they went to heaven and fire, and the result was a gold and two bronze medals.

He was also pleased with the results and the work of the professional staff, said Qiang Qinglina, the coach of the Chinese national team, and said they expected the same ahead of the games. He hoped that they would gain confidence until the next Winter Olympics in Milan, because a more successful performance might come together.

Lagos Kosa, president of the Hungarian National Figure Skating Association, confirmed that the government is the team’s biggest supporter. According to him, we were able to prove that the Hungarians are as skilled as the representatives of the great athletic powers, if the right conditions exist. He emphasized that in China, which tops the short track, for example, 300,000 people will start at the national championship, and in the Netherlands and the Republic of Korea, skating is a national sport, which is also home to Canada.

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We are the smallest of these, but we have managed to compete. We closed the position with 15 points in Pyongyang and 20 points in Beijing. Even the biggest doesn’t always workThe sports director, who also thanked Hungarian Olympic Committee President Zolt Giulai, said for his assistance in sports diplomacy after the 1000m final by writing a joint letter to the IOC regarding Sandor’s expulsion of Liu Shaolin.

Giulai noted that so far it has not been normal to support Hungarian medalists at the Winter Olympics, but that has been changed by short track skaters. He is confident that success will push other sports forward, and in four years there will be a more populous and perhaps even more successful Hungarian team in Milan.

The registered contestants all made a statement, leaving Liu Shaolin alone with a sense of inferiority. As he says , “It was hard to follow the stories with him, it would have been better if it hadn’t happened to him“He became the last gold medalist due to the yellow flat being left out. He hasn’t given up on his goal, he wants to be an Olympic singles champion, so ‘I wish I could feel 26 in four years’.

The Hungarians have won three medals in the most successful Winter Olympics ever: Liu Chawang won the 500m – making him the first individual Hungarian Winter Olympic champion – to finish third in the 1000m, as well as in the mixed relay with Petra Gászápaty, Zofia Konya and Liu Shaolin Henry. In addition, Liu Shaoang finished fourth at the 1500m and his brother Liu Shaolin came sixth, as well as the defending men’s race.

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