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Shady Part of Me Quiz – Play Shadow at its Best – Tutorial / Quiz

Shady Part of Me Quiz - Play Shadow at its Best - Tutorial / Quiz

Description / test

It came from almost nothing, but it’s pretty cool.

18/1/2018 22:10 | From manger | Description / test

Focus Home Interactive is starting to grow well. More and more serious projects are being cherished, and not only Farming simulator Main track, which is why they come to the fore from time to time. last year A Plague Tale: Innocence It was clearly a big throw, but two of the more serious games have come off the assembly line since then. Thankfully, the independent font, which they’re used to for a long time, isn’t neglected, so smaller headlines have space in the poster too.

Shady Test is part of me - shadow game at its best

a Shady is part of me It came out without any particular fanfare in December – at least I don’t remember anything that would have turned up before. On the night of The Game Awards, the trailer fell off and then appeared almost instantly. The game was played by the completely unknown team Douze Dixièmes, a little French goalkeeper of 10. However, the first series of photos was already very atmospheric and professional, and it was almost impossible not to do so Little nightmaresRe-link (which will follow soon).

Return to the subject of the test: And when it begins, another title may jumps, namely Limboé. At the start of the game, we get to a 2D level, a dark-colored shadow world, where we have to guide a little girl between various obstacles and elements of the platform. However, waiting for a while (with slight distortion of the image), the bag finds the slick, that is, the shadow, its owner. From now on, we’ll have to alternate between the two actors and get over the difficulty they’re facing (somehow like Brothers: A Children’s Story Only for another unknown entry in the formula).

Shady Test is part of me - shadow game at its best

I have mentioned several titles that inspired the game, but it is important to note that it is not shameful theft. The Shady is part of me He may have borrowed many ideas from elsewhere, but he has his soul and personality. During a 4-5 hour adventure, the little girl and her shadow search for the exit. from where? From a strange dream world (horror) you are guided by the four chapters of the story. Meanwhile, we are talking about moral dilemmas that can be linked to human feelings such as loneliness, friendship or everyday fears.

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The protagonist is afraid of light, and his inseparable companion accustomed to flat surfaces is just the opposite: he does not like shaded surfaces. The basic game mechanics are based on this duality, that is, on a special contrast. We need to control the actors in an integrated way, while helping each other. Maybe there is a key above the chest so that the little girl cannot reach it. On the other hand, if you nudge it to the right place, your shadow can change, causing it to change in the real world again.

Shady Test is part of me - shadow game at its best

The puzzles get smarter over time, but we won’t really get stuck. Unless someone seeks perfection in an extreme way. There is something collectible, paper birds. These are hidden in the truth and in the shaded parts. Sometimes, literally, because it’s invisible, it’s just when we move something that we’re pushing it away. If someone wants to collect them all, prepare for more playtime, or the difficulty level will jump a little, but not seriously.

The visuals in this category are very beautiful (arguably artistic), the characters are well animated and hit really well, as is the environment itself. The representation is almost monochrome, although there are colors, but the graphics are definitely monotonous. The music is great too, the lovely little tunes complete what I’ve seen. And the dubbed cast did a great job too – to mention Hannah Murray, known as the voice of the title character, whom we know from Battle of Thrones and Skins.

Shady Test is part of me - shadow game at its best

I have to admit, I was totally infatuated with Shady is part of me. The game thrives on very good places when it comes to ideas or visual style, yet it is able to make a whole, round, stand alone unit without having to think of it as a copy. The puzzles are rather challenging, not really difficult, so we look forward to easy pastimes as we get into the adventure. And anyone who loves challenges can still get them with the aforementioned collectibles. And the entire game comes in a very demanding, exciting, and creative package, so if you like puzzle adventures like this one feel free to cut it short, I highly recommend it. ■

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Shady is part of me


  • Enchanting atmosphere
  • Correct puzzles
  • He is playing by himself
  • Professional sync


  • Fixed perspective can come as a surprise
  • The refillable system is a bit confusing
  • It is short and a little strange

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