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Shadow Gambit: The Island of the Cursed Crew demo

Shadow Gambit: The Island of the Cursed Crew demo

the Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew-He was Mimimi Games Next time he puts a pirate game on the table. The studio has already dabbled with feudal Japan and more recently with the Wild West, but attempting piracy seemed like the riskier adventure of them all.

In any case, the team is very optimistic and tries to provide fans with as much information as possible. We have already reported that it will be possible to try the game’s demo for a few days this month. And now we’ve brought you a new trailer that showcases one of the game’s many islands, Calamity Reef.

As in previous previews, also this time we can watch the video with a narration of the ship Red Marley, which has its own soul. From him we can learn that this island is cursed (what is not in this game ?!), once the great Captain Blackbeard and the Third Iron Fleet collided here. Now, however, only shipwrecks and a lighthouse stuck in time remain as souvenirs.

This isn’t the first island show of this kind, as we’ve recently been introduced to Iron Bay in a similar way. What we still don’t know is the release date for Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew…

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