Severe weather can cause roads to melt

Severe weather can cause roads to melt

British experts have said some UK roads are at risk of melting due to the impending heat wave. According to meteorologists, the temperature can rise above 40 degrees Celsius in July, A . reports Daily Star.

As the weather warms, the roads get hotter, and you can almost guarantee that their temperature will be much higher than the air temperature. As a result of the heat, road surfaces can soften, which will appear as blacker spots on the asphalt.

announce Rod DennisA spokesman for the British Automobile Club (RAC). He added, “They are ready for high heat, and if necessary they can even deploy distributor trucks, because the salt can help improve vehicle adhesion on melted roads.”

The British can’t count on rain either, because no rain is expected in the island nation for the next 10 days or two weeks. In addition, a heat wave is approaching, and it may reach 30 degrees in the country by the end of the week, he said Jim DellAn expert from the British Met Office. Forecasters warn of prolonged temperatures in Britain and heat records likely to be broken – although some experts say this is not the most likely scenario.

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