Several US states have banned the use of TikTok on government devices

According to the decision makers, the Chinese social network can give space to Internet espionage.

In the United States, the state of Maryland has — like other states — banned the use of the social networking site TikTok and other Chinese and Russian internet interfaces in state government institutions, MTI reported.

Larry Hogan The governor announced on Tuesday that

Their use constitutes an unacceptable cyber security risk to the country.

This action was taken in the context of an extraordinary emergency decision, under which affected online platforms could be spaces for online espionage, surveillance of government institutions, and inappropriate collection of sensitive personal information. In his order, the Republican governor called on organizations to make it impossible to download banned apps over the entire IT network of state executive agencies.

Republican congressmen from Wisconsin on Tuesday called on their state’s Democratic governor to delete the TikTok video app from all state government devices, arguing there is a risk to national security, while the governor of South Carolina took action on Monday. To delete the Chinese video sharing application from state government devices.

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