Seven Hungarians are in the main draw of the Men’s Fencing Championships in Padua

Ten Hungarians took part in the men’s Fencing World Cup qualifiers in Padova on Thursday, and five of them can continue on Saturday in the 64-person board of directors – along with Áron Szilágyi and András Szatmári.

Nikolas Elias completed his set with aces flawlessly (Photo: Csaba Dömötör, Archives)

Two of our favorite players, Áron Szilágyi and András Szatmári, were able to rest on Thursday: thanks to their world rankings, they didn’t have to take a blade in the World Cup qualifiers in Padova.

On the other hand, ten Hungarians, and two of them, Csanád Gémesi and Iliasz Nikolász, immediately joined the individual world champions thanks to 100% collective aces.

Tamas Dixie’s progress after the group matches was not much, so the world champion fencer had two 15-year-old aces in the team – plus seven more teammates.

Tamas Dice won both of his aces, and the two youngsters, Christian Raab and Gergo Horvath, jumped over the double barrier, so on Saturday seven Hungarians could finish on board 64 in Padua.

Áron Szilágyi won last year’s World Cup competition in Padua.

World Cup competition, Padua
sword. men. Individually. In group matches:
András Szatmári, Áron Szilágyi (distinguished), Csanád Gémesi 6 win/0 loss, Nicholas Elias 6/0, Tamás Decsi 5/1, Krisztián Rabb 5/1, Tamás Galgóczy 4/2, Miklós Péch 4/2, Bálint Kossuth 3 / 3, Noseda Szabolcs 3/3, Balázs Kaiser 2/3, Gergő Horváth 2/4. To get to 96: Decsi T. – Kucsukidze (Georgia) 15:11, Kossuth – Liang Chien-hao (China) 15:14, Galgóczy – Cauchon (Canada) 15:13, Rabb – Leung Ting-ching (Hong Kong) 15:10, Horvath J-Ria (Italian) 15:5, Jun Sung-Hyun (South Korea) – Peach 15:14, Cuellar (Colombia) – Nosada 15:13, Hosino (Japan) – Tsar 15:13. To get to 64: Decsi T. – Kossuth 15:11, Rabb-Humen (Ukrainian), Horváth G. – Kempf 15:6, Bonsanto (Italian) – Galgóczy 15:10

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