Seven Dutch parties also run an unconstitutional program in next week's parliamentary elections

Seven Dutch parties also run an unconstitutional program in next week’s parliamentary elections

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A committee requested by the Dutch Bar Association (NOvA) said that seven Dutch parties will also run a program in next week’s parliamentary elections, some of which are unconstitutional.

Thierry Bodt, leader of the Dutch populist anti-immigration party, Forum for Democracy.Photo: VINCENT JANNINK / AFP

According to the committee, the ruling Free Democratic People’s Party will amend the United Nations Convention on Asylum and, if necessary, withdraw from it, although the committee believes that it will not exempt the government from respecting universally recognized human rights and providing protection to the persecuted. The right-wing opposition Freedom Party will select immigrants on the basis of religion and close asylum centers.

The EU-skeptical FvD will withdraw the Netherlands from the International Criminal Court, which is based in The Hague, and the European Court of Human Rights. A Correct Answer 2021 (JA21) launched by the Assistance for Development Program would lower refugee lawyer salaries. The SGP will reinstate the death penalty.

The CDA will revoke the refugee status of refugees considered “radical” and the Socialist Party (SP) will ban foreign funding of political and religious organizations.

According to the committee, the party programs of Balliberal 66 Democrats (D66), Labor (PVDA) and Green Left Party (GroenLinks) do not contain elements that violate the rule of law.

Parliamentary elections in the Netherlands take place on March 17th after Marc Rutte’s government was forced to resign in January after Dutch authorities were exposed to suspicion of thousands of innocent Dutch citizens and punished for fraud in social benefits. (Via MTI)

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