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Setting a new record in the field of nuclear fusion energy performance Sciences

Setting a new record in the field of nuclear fusion energy performance  Sciences

It's been an exciting week in the field of nuclear fusion energy, as the Joint European Commission (JET) announced that in its latest test, it was able to produce a record amount of fusion energy for five seconds, using just 0.21 milligrams of fuel.

The JET device, based in Oxford, is one of the world's largest nuclear fusion devices, which was recently tested again. During the test, 69.26 megajoules of thermal energy was obtained from 0.21 milligrams of fusion fuel, which was able to provide energy to 12 thousand households for a short period. The fuel in question is a mixture of two types of heavy hydrogen, so-called deuterium and tritium, which will be used in future fusion nuclear power plants.

the Researchers at the HUN-REN Energy Science Research Center have been engaged in research for 20 years So you can enjoy a little Hungarian success. The positive results of the JET project will also affect the nuclear fusion reactor under construction in the south of France, ITER, as well as the European Experimental Power Station (DEMO). At the beginning of November, we wrote about Japan's successful activation of the world's newest and largest fusion reactor, the JT-60SA, which uses technology similar to JET.

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