Vitorlát bonts! Új kedvcsinálókon a Skull and Bones bevezetőkép

set sail! Skull and Bones on new thrillers

We also received a story and gameplay trailer for the upcoming pirate fun from Ubisoft.

Although due to the prolonged development, many people have given up on the fact that Skull and Bones, which has been in development since 2013, will ever end, Ubisoft has managed to work together, and we have known for some time that on the eighth November we can cruise not only on next-generation PCs and consoles, but on Google Stadia and – not available here – also on Amazon Luna.

A few weeks ago, the pirate ramazuri Official machine requirements are also announced The game has changed, and of course the game wasn’t missing from Ubisoft Forward, as we got a CGI trailer and a glimpse into the gameplay.

As for the new trailer, it illustrates the already well-known basic situation: we’ll be sailing in the Indian Ocean at the end of the seventeenth century, with corporate lords and outlaws chasing each other for valuable cargo.

The view of gameplay focuses on customization options for our ship, with different weapons, armor and other settings, with which we can improve our floating house for completely different play styles, whether it is a fast and secret smuggling ship or a water fortress that scares every one.

In the live version of the show, some well-known operators who have been around for a while also spoke Available by clicking here Skull and Bones gets tested on the Insider Program, and of course nothing but good things are said about him. Ubisoft has also confirmed that the game will be crossover from day one, so all pirates will be sailing in the same waters.

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As an addition, a longer video later appeared on the Ubisoft channel, in which they talk in more detail about the game elements that appear in the game’s trailer:

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