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Serious scientific debate: Is this animal now extinct or did it never exist at all?

Serious scientific debate: Is this animal now extinct or did it never exist at all?

Serious scientific debate: Is this animal now extinct or did it never exist at all? Experts are divided on the issue of sharp-nosed marina species.

Animals that were officially declared extinct can swim in Europe’s waters for a new time Stady According to – you say IFLScience Pointing to its source A 24. He. In 2008, the sharp-nosed marina was declared extinct However, a group of researchers from the International Union for Conservation of Nature now believe the decision may have been wrong.

What’s more, according to experts, this type of animal may not have existed at all.

Scientists DNA test conducted and the results indicate this Pointed anchors (Corgonus oxyrhynchus) And large anchors (Corgonus lavaritus) They actually belong to the same species. Large marines are widespread in fresh waters in Europe, so pointed marines cannot be considered extinct either.

Rob CrossOne of the study’s authors said that it often happens – especially with fish – that it is difficult to determine whether two animals belong to the same species or to a different species. In this case, the pointed anchors and the large anchors looked so different from each other that when they were discovered, They were described as a separate species in 1758, but tests conducted using today’s technology show otherwise. Therefore, the sharp-nosed marina cannot become extinct, as it was mistakenly thought to be an independent species earlier.

Sometimes an animal thought to be extinct isn’t so extinct after all

The surprise was huge: an animal believed to be extinct destroyed the Australian man’s chicken coop! The “extinct” predator was a marsupial, thought to have been extinct in those parts of Australia for nearly a century and a half.

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A farmer in Beachport, South Australia, wrote that an animal that had been extinct in the area 130 years ago had been immortalized. Watchman. Frank Bao Ling Tsai While protecting his chickens, he glanced at that person.

The predator, which is believed to be extinct, took one of the farm’s poultry, but the man managed to take a photo of it before taking off. The farmer didn’t know what species this brown, white-spotted, long-tailed animal was, so he contacted conservation authorities, they wrote. Experts set a trap and managed to catch the animal.

As it turned out, there was a huge purse preying on the chickens.

This species is found in other parts of Australia, but has not been seen in South Australia for 130 years.

Ross Anderson According to the game ranger, this is the first official sighting since then. There have been unconfirmed sightings recently, but no one in the area has photographed or preserved the species believed to be extinct.

The giant wallet is endangered in Australia and is endangered in Tasmania.

Unfortunately, fewer and fewer marsupials survive

Based on estimates, only about 14,000 individuals can remain in the wild. It has already become extinct in South Australia due to habitat loss, predators, and competition with cats and foxes. According to Anderson, it is not known where the recently captured individual came from, perhaps it was an escaped animal or a solitary individual that migrated here from afar.

Rangers took the giant marsupial to a vet to examine it for a microchip, as some are kept in captivity. He was treated for scabies before a DNA sample was taken.

According to plans, they will be released over time.

Experts plan to use cameras and traps to monitor the possible presence of this species in the area. Local residents have been asked not to set their own traps.

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We recently wrote that a group of scientists is working to revive the extinct Tasmanian tiger.


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