Serious issues about the development of Dying Light 2?

Serious issues about the development of Dying Light 2?


According to studio employees, the leaders have no idea what they want out of the game.

2/24/2021 15:12 | Jerig | Category: Game

Back in the summer of 2018, on E3, the Tech LandThey are already working on a successful zombie game, Death light 2-N. The promises at the time drew out a very ambitious project, and that was the following year, when the encouraging news about the game could still be heard.

But that started to change very slowly, and last year Coronavirus also crossed the studio and worked. Although the last plans were still for the 2020 premiere, it is clearly nothing. And now it looks like we can’t be sure that the game will finally arrive until this year.

According to sources close to the studio (meaning mainly the development staff themselves), there is kind of mess at work these days, and that is precisely the joy of management. They claim that development leaders simply cannot decide what they want out of the game.

Also, the news is that the volatility within the team is very high, but the managers do not listen much to the ideas of the developers. Not much until they are said to be more receptive to outside partner advice and plug-ins. And this, in turn, implies very frequent changes in direction and priorities, so the whole development is in a hurry. In light of this, it is not surprising that the team cannot retain nearly any previously planned development milestones.

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You can also hear that the management is not ready to indicate any design element or game that has not been demonstrated in other games before. Not only does this make the job much slower, but it actually degrades the entire project to easier copying by others. Not to mention, distrust of developers isn’t good either.

If the situation around Techland’s home is truly messy, then no wonder you’ve barely heard of Dying Light 2 lately. The studio has not yet officially responded to the leaked information. ■

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