Serbs checked the effectiveness of the vaccines, and the good news came

Serbs checked the effectiveness of the vaccines, and the good news came

The Serbian newspaper reported that, after three weeks of giving the coronavirus vaccine, there is a fifty risk that someone will develop symptoms of infection so severely that they need to be taken to hospital. In addition, those who were vaccinated were fifteen times less likely to develop pneumonia than those who did not receive a single dose. Additionally, none of those who received Pfizer or AstraZeneca were hospitalized.

Although the survey is still ongoing and there are no final results, the initial news so far is encouraging. Although the survey is conducted in Kragujevac, depending on the number of concerned citizens, the result can be considered representative of the entire territory of Serbia. The research covers diseases between January 1 and March 31 – He writes the page.

The most important numbers:

  • Among those who were not vaccinated, the incidence of pneumonia was 8.11%, while the incidence of pneumonia among those who received the first dose of the vaccine decreased by 2.03%. Immediately after the second vaccination, the rate drops to 1.17 and after three weeks to 0.57%.
  • Among those who received at least one vaccine, 2.3% of those who received the AstraZeneca vaccine became infected, compared to 2.2% of the Chinese recipients, 1.8% of the Russian recipients and 1.1% of the Pfizer recipients, so there are no statistically significant differences in this regard. .
  • Among those vaccinated, pneumonia was diagnosed in 0.7% of those vaccinated with Chinese, 0.3% of those vaccinated with Russian and AstraZeneca, and 0.1% of those vaccinated with Pfizer.
  • Looking at those hospitalized, 0.2% got a Chinese vaccine, 0.1% got a Russian vaccine, and 0.0% were vaccinated with Pfizer and AstraZeneca, according to the survey.
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