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Sepsi: CFR Cluj is also off, title defense is coming!

Sepsi: CFR Cluj is also off, title defense is coming!

Sepsiszentgyörgy beat CFR Cluj 3-0 in the semi-finals of the Romanian Football Cup, thus reaching the finals, where they could defend their title. On the other hand, Universitatea of ​​Cluj and Utah will play Arad on Thursday for a place in the final. The final will be held on May 24 in the metropolitan city of Sibiu.

Sepsi is crucial! (Photo: Ksaba Tucos)

Romanian Cup
Sepsi OSK – CFR Cluj 3–0 (2–0)
György Sepsiszent, Sepsi OSK Square, 5630 view. Led by: Kojokaru
Sepsi OSK: Niczuly – Balasa, Ninaj, Ciobatariu, Dumitrescu – Jonathan Rodríguez (Francisco Junior, 86), Paun (Papa, 87) – Stefanescu, Matei (Varga R., 90), Gheorghe (M. Rondón, 21) – Safranko (Serban, 87). Coach: Cristiano Bergodi
CFR: Scuffet – Braun, Matias, Burca, Camora (Tiru, ​​on break) – N. Boateng (Peteleu, on break), Cvek (Fica, on break), Muhar – Yeboah, Janga (Jah, 88), Petrila (Bordeianu, during rest). Coach: Dan Petrescu
scorer: Paun (10th), Stefanescu (29th), M. Rondon (81)
Shown: Burka (42.)


OSK Sepsi reached their third Romanian Cup final in four years, with Székelyföld knocking out the champions in the semi-finals on Wednesday with two penalties.

Even in the hall it was evident which team this meeting was more important to: barely a dozen guests looked at each other with nearly six thousand Szentgyörgyi. And although Dan Petrescu, coach of the Cluj-Napoca team, who was on his way to the championship, did not make any reserves, his team entered the field very unmotivated.

In the first half, Sepsi sent the heroes out of the field with their own weapons: after a fierce attack, they surprised the Cluj-Napoca defense, especially the right side, with a quick rush.

And the home goal came from a cornerback variation, also considered a CFR major, Dennis Ciobutario’s advanced ball Nikolai Bowen Shake it into the grate from near the right column.

And Sepsi, who gained the advantage, stopped the visitors’ attacks without any creativity without any special efforts, and scored from an attack that continued until the second strike: Andres Dumitrescu’s back header from the left. Marius Stefanescu Cut it off at the long bottom.

A completely baffled CFR came close to a complete knockout before the break when Pavol Safranco rolled Andre Borca, The defender of the Romanian national team stopped the attacker with a red card. From the penalty spot, Mates only hit the post, but Petrescu showed he didn’t believe in translation by substituting four wingers during the break.

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CFR goalkeeper Simon Skovet delayed the third home goal with three feats and also saved Marius Stefanescu’s penalty, but from the rebound. Mario Rondo He actually scored – and in the end even Roland Varga, who had recovered from his injury, was able to return to the field. 3-0

On the other hand, Universitatea of ​​Cluj and Utah will play Arad on Thursday for a place in the final. The final will be held on May 24 in the metropolitan city of Sibiu.

minute by minute

90 + 4. The match is over a minute!

Three minutes to appear.

90 minutes, Roland Varga In, matte down. First match for the Hungarian winger this year!

Minute 87 Mate shoots the goalkeeper from the right corner, ahead of Brown. Baba started well in the middle.

The 86th minute, Francisco Jr Rodriguez, Punt Enrico Papa replace Andrey Serban and Safranco.

81. Minutes Marius Stefanescu shot with his left foot into the base of the goal on the right, Mario Rondon immediately shot from five meters, slightly from the right, into the middle of the goal. 3-0, very decided.

(Photo: Ksaba Tucos)

The eighty minute of sports on the little TV, we know what that means. criminal.

The 78th minute penalty? After a local corner, the Browns begin to take down in the fifth. But what does the video assistant referee say?

75th minute Rondo cut off Mattie’s pass from the left into the goal from an acute angle, and Bourdiano intervened. Matti shot under the crossbar from the left from the 22nd, but the Italian goalkeeper made a strong save again.

(Photo: Ksaba Tucos)
(Photo: Ksaba Tucos)

72nd minute Baun shot into the left post from the 17th, when Seraf, Piscitelli of the Romanian league, defended hard in front of the top left.

The 66th minute, Mihai Bordiaanu Kick to Rondo, yellow card.

Minute 64 Muhar hovering on the right wing, Matias, who sprinted in, headed the excellent pass into the left corner from the seventh.

Will we see another target?

(Photo: Ksaba Tucos)

62nd minute Matti headed the left corner of the five-meter Ciobotariu to the left corner.

Minute 58 After Petrella’s right-hand corner, Bourdiano shot from 23 meters slightly to the right and over the top left corner.

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The 50th minute Great dominance on the field, inaccurate passing, Balasa’s six-meter shot deflects Camorra.

46. ​​A minute we continue!

The 46th minute, four substitutions in CFR, Tiru, ​​Peteleu, Bordeianu and Fic come on.

(Photo: Ksaba Tucos)

45 + 2. The first half is more than a minute!

The 44th minute, Cosmin Matei hits his right at the base of the right post! The bounce belongs to the guests.

Penalty 42 minutes and a red card for Andre Bourque! The defender, who misses after a frontal arc, pushes Safranco in front of the right corner of the five.

Minute 38 After a home corner kick, Neinaj’s header narrowly missed!

Minute 34 Cvek takes left wing, left foot to Ciobotariu. The corner is well headed near the left corner by Yeboah… in front of Rondo. Petrescu does not understand, but he was fired.

29. Nice Goal! Stefanescu shoots with his left foot into the lower left corner of the five, from seven meters! With Safranko starting, Mate went to the right wing, made a wonderful pass to the center with his right, Dumitrescu headed the ball a little back from the left, and that was the decisive pass. 2-0!

Petrella scored 6 Canadian points in 27 games in SPACE. on loan.

Minute 28 Balassa kicks your lips in front of the 16th, but he walks away without a yellow card. Petrella management is very poor.

Minute 24 Boateng’s long shot is a delight for the goalkeeper, before Ciobotario’s pass from the right would have been better.

The 21st minute, Mario Rondo In, Georgie was injured.

The 18th minute, Pavol Safranco Elbows skill yellow card.

Minute 17 Yeboah’s soft cross from the right from center was flicked over the bar by Muhar.

15 minutes Matte corners the front of No. 16, but inaccurately. Joga Bonito! – notes the TV commentator.

The 14th minute, Mario Camorra Stefanescu kick in the middle, yellow card. The captain of the guest team is 36 years old, Romanian-Portuguese, elected member 9 times.

Camorra stood on the line, put his head in the ball, but could only help it inside.

10. Spacy minutes lead! Left corner Stefanescu from the right side Ciobotariu headed to the left, NICOLAE PAUN headed the ball into the upper right corner from two meters. 1-0!

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Seventh minute Safranco could break for a goal, but was run over by Matias.

Sixth minute After Dumitrescu’s brilliant pass, Mate fired from the 18th to Stefanescu, who was in front of him, and Gheorghe’s 23-meter shot went over the bar.

1. Minutes the game started!

The home team wears red and white shirts and red shorts, the guests wear pure white.

On the other hand, the University of Cluj and Utah will fight for a place in the final on Thursday. The Arad team, which is fighting for survival in the league, fired its coach, Giorgi Laszlo Balint, two days before the match, and Mircea Rednik will take his place in the last month of the season.

Due to a shoulder injury, CFR will miss the team’s playmaker, Cibrian Dick, who scored 8 goals and 16 assists on the season, including all series.

On the other hand, CFR is fighting to become champion for the sixth time in a row, However, he lost to Chief Farul at the weekend, so he’s waiting for the last five rounds by four points. Coach Dan Petrescu played with his reserves throughout the cup run, which he always considered a second-tier series: he never won the cup in Romania, but he had already secured the Cup of China with Jiangsu.

Székelyföld’s goal was to defend the trophy they won last year, and this is now the only way for Sepsi to participate in the European Cup again. Coach Cristiano Bergodi rested some of his regular players for Friday’s championship game against Universitatea Craiova: In addition to the suspended Branislav Ninaj, Alexandru Tudorie did not play, and others got less playing time than usual.

Only teams from Transylvania have reached the semi-finals of the Romanian Cup, in the first match of which they faced defending champions Sepsi OSK and champions CFR on Wednesday night in Szentgyörgy. The last time the two teams played each other was just ten days ago, CFR won the championship match in Cluj 2-1, but at first glance the cup match was far more important for Sepsi.

In the quarter-finals of the Romanian Football Cup, Sepsi OSK beat Mioveni 4-1 at home.

Welcome, dear readers, to the SEPSI-CFR match broadcast!

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