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Senior Academy – Focus on Periodontal Diseases – Semmelweis Herrick

Senior Academy – Focus on Periodontal Diseases – Semmelweis Herrick

On the fifth occasion of the 2023 Online Spring Semester of the Higher Academy, Dr. Istvan Gera, Professor Emeritus at the Periodontology Clinic, gave a lecture on Periodontal Diseases. In his lecture, he spoke about the development of a relatively new discipline, the stages of development of tooth decay and gingivitis, which are common diseases that affect many people, and the importance of prevention and treatment options.

Dr. Istvan Gera Periodontal disease In his lecture, he stressed that the field of science that deals with the periodontium, that is, the group of tissues that secure the teeth, is relatively recent and has already become an evidence-based science 30-40 years ago. He asserted that the last three of the periodontal, i.e., the gingiva, cementum, root membrane and alveolar bone, are mutually intertwined, and if tissue destruction occurs here, it is an irreversible process. He pointed out that true periodontal disease should not be confused with gum recession, adding that this condition can be preserved for the rest of our lives with proper brushing technique.

The professor also detailed the formation of dental plaque that behaves like biofilms. He said that the formation of biofilms requires a moist environment, tissues that are not ready for renewal, and microflora that compares teeth to stones on the shore of Lake Balaton. He pointed out that currently 700 strains, types and subspecies of bacteria can be distinguished in the mouth, and these bacteria can form a resistant biofilm on our teeth, especially in the gum line, after a period of time, as a well-organized community, until it is resistant to antibiotics.

He stressed that an increase in bacteria causes gum disease or tooth decay – both of which are considered general diseases. Whereas in the case of dental caries, the by-product of bacteria attached to the gums, the acid dissolves enamel and then dentin, periodontal disease produces a very complex immune response. There is no sterile oral cavity, we all live with an incredible amount of microorganisms – mention that, but at the same time, the balance can be maintained with proper oral hygiene. However, if this is neglected and some predisposing factors are also present (such as smoking, diabetes, genetic predisposition, etc.), periodontal disease, the stages of which are presented in detail, may progress from clinically normal gums to obstructed teeth. Speaking of primary prevention, he stressed the importance of regular brushing with the correct toothbrush and technique, and also stressed the role of interdental cleaning, which everyone should use the appropriate method, dental floss or interdental brushing.

In the presentation, among others, factors predisposing to periodontal disease, maintenance of clinically healthy dental condition, use of different types of toothbrushes and prevention of gingival bleeding were discussed.

Dr. István Gira graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine in 1972, became a specialist in oral and dental diseases in 1975, and obtained a qualification in general dentistry from UCONN University in Farmington (USA) in 1985, and conducted his research in bone biology there between In 1983. -88 on the basis of which he became a candidate of medicine in 1990. In 2001, he passed the examination in periodontology. He began his career the year he obtained his degree in the Oral Surgery Clinic at SOTE, where he worked as a Teaching Assistant from 1975, Assistant Professor from 1980, Associate Professor from 1991, and between 1992-1995 and 1995-1998 he was Deputy Dean. From 1997, he became the founding director of the periodontal clinic as a professor and dean between 2004-2010. He is a member of several professional societies. His research areas are Gingival Epidemiology, Periodontal Surgery, Bone Biology and Osteoporosis.

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Peter Bograni
Photo: Attila Kovacs – Semmelweis University

Senior Academy

The article was published by the Directorate of Communications at Semmelweis University.

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