“Send this swim to Bogi and to everyone who is an agent

“Send this swim to Bogi and to everyone who is an agent

At the Tokyo Olympics, dám Telegdy, who ranked fifth in 200, sent a letter to his fiancée Boglárka Kapás after his conclusion and assessed his career so far.

Ádám Telegdy and Boglárka Kapás (Photo: Hédi Tumbász, Archive)

“If I swam 1.59, it wouldn’t matter either, only the ranking matters in the Olympics. It’s a singles peak, minus two centuries, so when I calm down, we’ll analyze… I came here with great pleasure to reach the finals, I succeeded. That’s why I can go to the finals As an enjoyable swim. He became too, beyond my own expectations. I tried to reverse Boogie’s disappointment, and swim for him, but he was also a professional, and he didn’t let his mood hurt my performance.” It was announced by National Sport Ádám Telegdy, who also spoke to M4 Sport about his fiancée, Boglárka 4. Kapás on 200 butterflies.

“I’m looking terribly in Pujeira to be able to get out of an impossible situation, I send this swim to her and to everyone who loves her.”

Telegdy also evaluated his entire career after fifth place.

“For years I have been looking only for myself, a good swim. I had to realize that it is not a problem that I am not a young European champion, for example, I am always interested in the next job and now my many years of work are mature”

back 200 m
1. Yevgeny Rylov (Russian national team) 1: 54.15 min
2. Ryan Murphy (USA) + 0.88 seconds
3. Luke Greenbank (Great Britain) +1.45
4. Bryce Meiford (USA) +2.22
5. DÁM TELEGDY (Hungary) +
6. Radoslaw Kawecki (Poland) +3.12
7. Eri Ryosuke (Japan) +4.05
8- Nicolas Garcia Saez (Spain) 5.79

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