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Selected Certificate – Note from Zsolt Somogyi

The end of the battle for the stars and players is coming


There is no doubt that Willy Urban is the best evidence of the final period of Hungarian football. In the modern era, it wasn’t even a joke long ago that a national team would justify someone, but that’s pretty much the case. Everyone was doing well when he found Hungarian football – and he could also be happy with the opportunity our team offered. Of course, recent successes pay tribute to the ideas of Federal Captain Marco Rossi, but it is precisely the coach who knows best about football.

There is a lot of talk about who is how important the link is in a locker room, but what matters more than that is that there are also leaders in this field who are performing internationally. Or, as you hear more and more often, they put the performance on the table – slip with Willi Orbán’s shoe stopping the metal that invented this awful phrase. (As well as for those who use it). In the Hungarian defense column, the organizer of the back, it is unfortunately clear that he is not the product of Hungarian football, but German football, a defensive player with outstanding ability. In an excellent interview, Pence Babjak talks about the fact that his mother, who already has a German passport, is of Polish descent, so it would have happened in the World Cup qualifiers a few weeks ago that he plays for the Polish national team, but for us, but it turns out why he didn’t. that.

The son of multicultural Europe, his father is Hungarian, he lives today in Oroszlány, Willi was actually born in Kaiserslautern, he grew up there, of course he dreamed of working in the German league and realized his ideas. No wonder he secretly envisioned himself in the German national team, especially after entering the field twice in the under-21 age group. At the same time, it seemed like a sincere gesture when he accepted the Hungarian coat of arms after his goal against the Poles (what did his mother say about it?), And it seemed like the defeat was more than exhausting him – the Hungarian national team was important to him. He is also an important man in Leipzig. While we sometimes see that he only gets a bench seat (remember, competition is amazingly strong in every job), his club condemned him and offered an extension for him. Moreover, they don’t just expect him as a player, the House of Representatives has offered Leipzig to stay with them at the end of his career. Although Willie is only 28 years old, the end is very far away, but this is a very valuable message: in one of the strongest tournaments in the world, on the podium, they are very happy not only as a footballer, but also as a person.

This is perhaps the most a soccer player can get – we’re glad we picked it up.

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