See inside the National Sports Center – photos

Delegations of foreign athletics teams coming to our country also visited the dazzling stadium of the World Championships in Budapest, which is about to be handed over in August, to inspect the stadium with professional eyes.

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For the first time on Wednesday, the invited delegations hit the road at the National Athletics Center, which the athletes also did at the World Championships in Budapest in August, and just as they did: they took off in mini-cars from the warm-up track. To the stadium. True, the participants of the current event occupied a slightly less space than the “superheroes” of the World Cup.

Forty-five representatives from twenty-four countries, from Japan to Kenya to Jamaica, came to the Hungarian capital to tour the athletics stadium. they Martin Gulayled by the Executive Vice President of the Budapest World Cup Organizing Company, and represented the Organizing Committee Balázs Bajithe bronze medal hurdler at the World Championships, who was greeted by many foreign delegations as an old acquaintance.

Incidentally, the delegations included notable personalities and world-class athletes who have already retired, such as the former Olympic and world champion Canadian runner, Glenroy Gilbertthree-time Olympic discus thrower, American Aretha Thurmondor classic middle distance runner, Slovak Joseph Ribsek He also participated in the tour representing his country.

By the way, the athletics stadium in Budapest will be technically ready by the end of March, which will allow the official delivery process to begin, and then the construction of sports infrastructure will be accelerated, and the building will be prepared for the World Cup. , the final touches, i.e. the final design of the mixed area and gyms, or the progressive MONDO mode of the genre record, which has already begun.

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During the day, the captains of the team traveling to Budapest not only toured the stadium, but also visited the training grounds that they will be able to use during the World Cup, including the sports complex that is being built at the University of Physical Education.

The work around the National Athletics Center is still going on, but the stadium is almost completely ready. Until the opening of the World Championships on August 19, several trial competitions will be held in the structure, such as the National Championship in July, which can also be regarded as the main experience of the World Cup.

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