See how the interior designer lives in Barcelona!

See how the interior designer lives in Barcelona!

We visit the home of interior designer Katie Schipeck in Spain, right on the outskirts of Barcelona. Katie is the co-founder and creative director of her eponymous studio and passionately runs her Instagram page full of inspiring travels and stunning buildings called somewhereiwouldliketolive.

The life of an interior designer

Katie Shipbeck was originally born in a small Uruguayan town, Colonia. He always knew that he wanted to travel and explore the whole world. At the age of 19, she moved to Montevideo, where she worked as a model.

“I was touched by Barcelona. I grew up talking to everyone about this city – a city that is a melting pot of design and creativity with a climate and size that provide an excellent standard of living. I decided to try Barcelona too. He talks about moving to Europe.

Photo: Ferm LIVING
At the home of interior designer Katie Šipek in Barcelona

Beginnings and success did not give up easily, he moved to Katie’s dream city in Barcelona, ​​and for the first time found a job in a real estate agency, where he discovered the world of interior design. At first, she advised clients about renovations and upgrades, and as she became more confident and informed, it became clear to Katie that she had found her passion. Today, Katie is co-founder and creative director of his own interior design firm, Katie Shipek Studionak. Its staff currently consists of twelve members and enjoy a huge international reputation.

Scandinavian style from Barcelona

Katie’s style combines modern Scandinavian influences with contemporary Barcelona-inspired aesthetics. In his works, smooth, interwoven lines contrast softly with bold and surprising shapes and materials. The neutral color palette is close to it. In her own home, Katie spends most of her time in her own lounge, where the Catalan sun’s rays can easily escape through the large windows. The spacious areas of the apartment create a refreshing atmosphere. A favorite piece of furniture in the hall is the Danish design company, Firm Living Ricoh sofa in front of the fireplace.

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Interior designer apartment
Photo: Ferm LIVING
Although we travel in southern Europe, the clean space is Scandinavian-inspired

Her home is especially important to Katie, as she spends a lot of time away because of her work. He laughs, saying that his partner, photographer Ruben Ortiz, does not have regular working days for them: “Every week is different. We are currently working on several projects simultaneously in Barcelona, ​​Geneva, Nice, California and Lisbon. We are especially proud that in Doha we can transform some squares into the Qatari Palace. The new royal family. The interior designer’s only firmware, a 90-minute yoga class he takes anywhere in the world, tries to incorporate it into his daily life. Katie’s home isn’t just a place to rest after a long day. He believes that this apartment is a source of creativity and unification for all that he has.

“Home and family are very important to me. As a result, these things are also important in my architectural plans.”

Barcelona interior designer
Photo: Ferm LIVNG

In her work, Katie wants to give peace and serenity to her clients. You know that the digital world and always being on guard is an inevitable part of our lives today. That’s why emotions, easy-to-explain family bonds, are important. He tells, in his planning, that he always himself returns to Uruguay and the intimate moments of his childhood help him with creativity.

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