Agnetha Fältskog is working again on a solo album and has already presented the first track.

ABBA singer Agnetha Fältskog releases another solo album after ten years: it will be released soon A + The album from which he actually made a song. the Where do we go from here? (What then?) the BBC The 73-year-old Swedish singer made her Thursday morning show debut interview also contained in this regard.

As it turns out, he’s working with producer Jørgen Elofsson again this time, similar to his 2013 album, The the was titled

Among other things, Fältskog talked about how the song required him to sing in a way he hadn’t done in years. As he said, he was a bit nervous about it, as his voice changes with age, but he eventually overcame his doubts and a disco-pop-like song was born, which he believes was a huge hit. It is about the struggle of love Where do we go from here? It’s already been uploaded to YouTube, you can listen to it here (Those expecting ABBA nostalgia will likely be very disappointed):

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Perhaps one of the most anticipated comebacks of all came in November 2021, when ABBA came together after 40 years. a trip They introduced ten new songs on their album which got as much attention in the first week as Ed Sheeran’s album. The band members (along with Waltzkog, Benny Andersson, Anni-Frid Lyngstad and Bjorn Olvaeus) said that working together again was an experience as if time had stopped.


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