Secretly in front of his girlfriend, a businessman built Britain’s largest toy railway over the years

He longed for time travel, so within eight years, Britain’s largest model railway was built by a 53-year-old British businessman. The project consumed a lot of money and time, so the guy kept it a secret from his girlfriend until the last moment.

He built a huge 61m terrain table for his toy trains Simon GeorgeBritish businessman BBC writes.

Trains from the 80s run 1 km of the track on the terrain table. The terrain table shows the area where George grew up and often watched real trains with his friends.

George tried to build a miniature version of his past perfectly from his contemporary photos and his own memories: he put trees in their realistic setting, painted graffiti on the walls, but even included discarded trash in the picture. Of course, his personal childhood is also on the field table watching trains with his friends.

I did it just to feel it back in 1983, and when I looked up and saw trains approaching in the distance, the hair on my neck would stand for a split second because it’s like deja vu.

George built his highly realistic field schedule in eight years and spent nearly a quarter of a million pounds (over 107 million forints) on it. It was slow at first, but the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic has speeded up the work – Writes LadBible.

George met his girlfriend two years ago, Marie ValBut for a long time he hid from him what he was dealing with.

He knew I was renting an old mill with a huge basement, but I told him I was making wine, it sounds more interesting than building a model train.

When George finally took Mary to the cellar, the woman was immediately looking for wine, but when her friend told her the truth, there was nothing wrong with her. Since she has an art degree, she loved the realistic model in every respect.

Simon George’s Railway will be introduced soon, possibly afterwards on a European tour.

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