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Secret Respawn project left without a creative director

In the meantime, studio Respawn is likely to release an original version of Apex Legends for new consoles as well.

Muhammad Alawi on Twitter He said he left Respawn Entertainment after eleven years, working as creative director on an undisclosed game. Its development continues without an overhead. We probably first heard about the project a year ago and it’s still in its early stages. It was developed by a rather small team at the time, and here too we heard about its existence through a tweet, where Stephen Kah Hin Wong, a programmer at Respawn, was looking for a code developer.

And Vince Zampella, founder of Respawn Entertainment (who simultaneously became head of studio formerly DICE Los Angeles and now Ripple Effect Studios, as well as head of the Battlefield franchise), retweeted it while noting that it’s really exciting. Since we’re talking about a new IP, we can rule out Titanfall (there’s not much chance of it coming back), as well as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 (and about 100%, let’s not deny). the VentureBeat According to AAA, the design game with ambitions, style, and mobility (portability) will be released in 2024 and possibly 2025.

Until then, the PlayStation 5 version of Apex Legends is sure to come to us. Playstation game size A on Twitter He wrote that he could find an original PS5 version of it on the PlayStation Network that was just over eighty gigabytes without updates. And since this free battle royale game isn’t just on Sony’s console, we can safely rely on the Xbox Series port, too. The studio, and even the publisher, Electronic Arts, confirmed this in advance, not to mention cross-play, which could bring more diverse matches to the game.

With the eleventh season of Apex Legends ending around February 8th, it would come as no surprise that the PlayStation 5 / Xbox Series version of the game is beginning its twelfth season, with multiplayer also known as platform neutral. We will soon see what happens in the world of Titanfall nickname Around…

source: VG247And VG247

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