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secondly. The new British parliamentary season has begun in the absence of Queen Elizabeth

secondly.  The new British parliamentary season has begun in the absence of Queen Elizabeth

For the first time in nearly six decades, II. In the absence of Queen Elizabeth the new British Parliamentary season. At the opening ceremony on Tuesday, the 96-year-old ruler’s eldest son, heir to the throne, read out key points in the British Conservative government’s legislative programme.

The Queen, who has been on the throne of the United Kingdom for 70 years, has canceled several of her official programs in recent weeks, according to the court, due to “occasional movement issues”.

For the same reason, a Buckingham Palace spokesperson announced the night before, the Governor would not be present at Tuesday’s ceremony for the new parliamentary season, the official opening.

However, the event was held amid colorful traditional views,

As Prince Charles’ mother, in navy uniforms, in the upper house of Parliament, in the House of Lords, he read the following legislative program for one year.

In attendance was Charles’ wife, Princess Camilla of Cornwall, heir to the throne and first wife, eldest son of the late Princess Diana, Prince William of Cambridge, who later became ruler of the United Kingdom after her father.

secondly. In the seven decades since Queen Elizabeth’s reign so far, on Tuesday, the Queen’s speech ceremony, usually accompanied by the splendor of opening the new parliamentary season, was not missed just twice, first in 1959 and then in 1963, because of it. Times was pregnant with two young sons, Prince Andrew and Edward, respectively.

However, the third time on Tuesday was the first time that, in the absence of the Governor, it was not the Lord Chancellor, the former Speaker of the House of Lords that has been completely reconstituted since then, but the heir to read government legislation program for the new parliamentary session.

However, this does not mean that Prince Charles has officially taken over as governor.

This was reflected in the fact that in the draft he read, he referred to the government not as “my government” but each time as “his majesty’s government.”

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This was a clear and emphatic indication that II. Queen Elizabeth is the British head of state, and the government, through Parliament, remains accountable to her.

Both the heir to the throne and Prince William, as the future ruler of the United Kingdom, hold the rank of chancellor, which entitles them to perform the functions of head of state on behalf and on behalf of the ruler, thus opening the new ruler. Parliamentary season.

To do so, the Queen issued a separate one-time letter of credit to them on Tuesday. Highlights of the government’s 38 bills program include repealing or reformulating legislation “inherited” from the EU. To facilitate this, the British government is submitting a separate bill to the House of Commons.

Britain withdrew from the European Union on January 31, 2020, but there are still thousands of laws and regulations that were in place during Britain’s decades of membership in the European Union. However, the British government has already made drastic changes on a number of critical issues, most notably immigration regulations.

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