Second place is to get away from our soccer players

Second place is to get away from our soccer players

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The Dunaújváros PASE soccer team was taken outside as a guest of Dabas-Gyón, who was fleeing the relegation, starting at 5 p.m. this afternoon, and although the two goalkeepers were separated by fourteen places at the table, it was tough. Ninety minutes for Donaujvaros to win the last two matches.

At the beginning of the meeting, the parties were more preoccupied with getting to know, the game was mostly in the field, and it seemed that both guards were trying to organize their defense neatly. Neither team was able to create a really dangerous situation, but unfortunately the host team did not have to take the lead, because they took Pokorny’s goal with a superb shot in the middle of the match, so our team had to run after the score ( 1-0).

DPASE tried to change gears in the sequel, but the hosts kept their gates very organized and kept their traffic to a minimum until intermission. However, after changing the midfield, the picture of the game did not change much, we tried, but they still could not find a point in the host side, and even if they got there in front of their opponent’s goal, they could not. I do not live with their situation. This means that the residents of Donaujvaros, who lost Szölt Barna to an exhibition in their hair, finally lost 1-0, so their disadvantage increased by three points compared to the second in Balasagjarmat.

Debs-Khayon – Debs 1-0 (1-0)

DPASE: Pokorni – Huszty, Bozsoki, Tölgyesi, Báló – Dorogi, Barna, Novák – Jakab, Szepessy, Petró. Coach: Dr. Dubus Brown.

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