Second day of rage in North America

Second day of rage in North America

A severe winter storm has erupted in the southern and eastern United States and Canada since Monday, with thousands of flights canceled due to heavy snowfall, MTI reported, citing local media. Newsweek magazine, for example, writes that nineteen states in the United States have so far issued weather warnings, and in some places there can be up to half a meter of snow. The Federal Weather Service posted on Twitter that a severe winter storm in the eastern third of the country may soon subside, but the effects of snow, ice and wind remain a major problem. More than 1 million domestic and international flights were canceled Monday night, in addition to 3,000 canceled the previous day, according to FlightAware’s flight tracking page. According to, many of the 120,000 US homes, which suffered blackouts on Monday afternoon, were back in power by evening.

A winter weather warning is expected to remain in effect in seven member states: from southeastern North Carolina to northeastern Maine on the Canadian border.

The highest amounts of snow are expected on the ridge in the Appalachian Mountains as well as at the bottom of the Great Lakes. Heavy snow is expected in northern New York as well as northeastern New England. More than 57 inches of snow fell Monday in Harpersfield, Ohio, according to the Weather Service.

A strong stormy area moves over the northeastern part of the country into southeastern Canada on Tuesday

The US Meteorological Service said. According to the report, the roads are also expected to freeze due to a further drop in temperature, which will make traffic especially dangerous.

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Toronto Police announced on Twitter that two of the city’s highways were closed due to severe weather on Monday. The Canadian government’s weather information website reports that snowstorm alerts have been requested in much of Quebec and Ontario. “The country’s largest city, Toronto, can snow up to sixty inches,” he wrote on Twitter Anthony FarnellLead meteorologist for Canada’s Global News Channel on Tuesday.

John Tory, the mayor of Toronto announced on the city’s website that it has introduced emergency regulations allowing parking in some areas while clearing snow. Many schools have been closed in Quebec and southern Ontario, including the Toronto area. Five COVID-19 vaccination clinics have also been closed in a city of nearly three million people. In Toronto on Tuesday, more than two hundred flights abroad were canceled at Pearson International Airport, accounting for more than half of the traffic.

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