Ízelítőt kapott a Vaják 2. évada, összefog a Netflix és a CD Projekt RED bevezetőkép

Season 2 of Vaják got a taste, Netflix and CD Project RED come together

There will also be an exciting event this summer on The Witcher theme.

We were going to give half of our kingdom a closer look at Vajas Season 2, and Netflix more or less heard our prayers. Although Teaser was introduced next season, it was too short to be enough for half of our teeth, fortunately the situation was improved by announcing an event where the full preliminary stage could be expected. At least we really hope so.

Netflix has lobbied for a Geeked Week sequel to continue the Vaják series, with Ciri (Freya Allan) now training in Kaer Morhen under Henry Cavill of Rívia, but based on back-to-back scenes, the training won’t be without action, net. The short article mainly focuses on Cyrilla, which is undergoing a major transformation:

The streaming service provider has presented another surprise: The CD project, in conjunction with RED, will hold its first project and they sharet, which includes a celebration of the franchise (14 years of The Witcher, 10 years of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, and 6 years of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt).

We’ve been warned not to expect an announcement of a new game, but it’s worth keeping an eye on the action. Exactly what they are for WitcherCon will be revealed in the near future.

We still have something to tell you, you’ll find all the interesting stuff here!

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