Screening tests on Szatymaz in place

Screening tests on Szatymaz in place

Appointments for almost all medical examinations in the current health days in Satymaz are filled in a matter of hours. Most exams are free, and the costs have been funded by the municipality.

Health Week is organized these days in Szatemaz. From Monday to Friday, the specialists who come to the settlement conduct ten types of screening tests, for which you can pre-register. The success of the program is clearly demonstrated by the fact that all places were filled in a matter of hours. GP Andrea Lengel, the programme’s organizer, said they have basically organized screening tests, that is, they are providing assistance to health-conscious residents so they don’t have to travel to Szeged and wait long for various specialist appointments.

One of the most notable requests is dermatology, in which a mole examination is performed. 40 patients can register here, but the free places immediately ran out

He said to me. The examination was conducted by dermatologist Rosa Petra, who said that if she finds an infection that requires further treatment or surgery, she makes appointments for affected patients at the clinic.

Thanks to Richter’s support, they were also able to bring a bone densitometry instrument to the settlement, which will run for three days. In addition to gynecological, urological, dental, ear, nose and throat examinations and ultrasound examinations. All of these are complemented by different programs, so yoga, fantasy relaxation sessions and spinal training take place during the week, and the week ends with Run for the Village on Saturday.

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