Scout cakes are delivered to the home in the United States by drones

In the United States, it is known that teams of Boy Scouts take donuts to residents’ homes and try to sell them to them for some societal, usually charitable, purpose. Just as most sectors in the world have been negatively affected by the epidemic, selling the delicacy has made it more difficult for young people. To help them, Alphabet, a Google subsidiary, and the drone-based shipping company Wing, scrambled to use flying structures to deliver donuts to people’s doorstep, thereby helping children.

In Christiansburg, Virginia It was tested A project by Alphabet and its subsidiary Wing, to help scouting forces deliver donuts to people’s doors using drones. For Wing, cargo transportation is a well known area, as its structures have so far delivered a variety of local bakery, FedEx, coffee or drugstore packages to less populated areas.


One of the Girl Scouts, Gracie Walker, said:
I am excited to be a part of this historic innovation. People will find that flying in drones is much better for the environment and can even go out in their pajamas to get donuts. “

The Wing has to compete with big drone companies like Amazon, Walmart, or UPS.

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People’s perceptions of drones are divided: on the one hand, they provide a more convenient means of transportation for families, and on the other hand, many do not support the idea out of fear for their privacy, not to mention that hundreds of drones can make a lot of noise in residential areas.

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