Scottish Dance Evening at Janus Horvath Theory High School

Scottish Dance Evening at Janus Horvath Theory High School

Ferenc Szeky

On August 27, a Scottish dance evening was organized in the hall of the Janus Horvath Theoretical Concert Hall. Young and old alike were waiting for the high-quality entertainment programme, and they arrived in good numbers. It was designed by Principal Gabriella Nagy and Hamish Buchan, a former British Council English teacher of Scottish descent, and currently the Regional Director in charge of educating young students in the Middle East and Africa regions.

The British Council is a British organization that specializes in international cultural and educational opportunities and operates in more than 100 countries. It promotes a broader knowledge of the UK and the English language and contributes to cultural, scientific and educational cooperation with the UK.

Mr. Buchan has a decades-old relationship with the school in Marghetta, where it will be 30 years since next year since he has been teaching English to students during summer holidays, playfully, with humor, sometimes invigorated by teaching Scottish dances, for three years. After that, he would often come with the occasional English camp to help the instructors. His style and method of teaching were loved by both children and adults, and they enjoyed attending English lessons. He also has an outstanding talent for Scottish dances, which is why they decided to organize a dance party. His wife Buchan (née Kovacs) Gabriella, born in Margherita, helped his sons Mate and Callan teach the dances. They were the first to introduce couple and group dances, which the participants learned and used very quickly. A slip crept in, but was quickly corrected. On this occasion, the coach was dressed in the Scottish national costume, so those present could also admire this. It was a fun and purposeful evening with a good atmosphere, where everyone had a good time. The organizers provided the necessary mineral water due to the increased physical activity. Participants brought snacks and soft drinks with them. Encouraged by the success, the organizers decided to repeat the Scottish Dance Evening.

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