The end of the battle for the stars and players is coming

Scotland: Rangers – Celtic, Old Ferm

The Rangers took the lead in the second half and then took advantage of that to defeat Celtic 1-0 in the 422 Old Ferm Derby. With that, he took a big step towards winning the regular season, and thus winning the championship.

Former Leeds player Kimar Rove is a mainstay for the Rangers this year (Photo: AFP)

Scottish Premier
Round 22
Rangers – Celtic FC
1–0 (0-0)
Ibrox Stadium. Led by: B. Madden
Notice: MacGregor-Tavernier, Goldson, El Balogon, Parisik-Aribo (Parker, 90 + 2.), Davis, J. Camara-Rove (I Hage in the intermission), Morelos (Iten, 77.), Kent (Zungu, 87.). Director: Steven Gerrard
Celtic: Barkas-G Frimpong, Beaton, Ager, Laxalt-Soro (Browne, 73.) – Christie (Abdel-Hamid), Dr. 65.), Edward. Director: Neil Lennon
JulzerzoMcGregor (Special Goal, 70.)

Although there were 16 points on the league table separating the two contenders, depending on the first half, that was not at all clear. Moreover, Celtic, who was hugely late, dominated the match. Not only did he have more possession of the ball, but he also developed a lot of stances. While the Rangers did not have any shots to hit the goal, goalkeeper Alan McGregor had to show courage several times in the shots and headers of Celtic strikers.

The Rangers improved after the turn, but the real role was still waiting. In the 62nd minute, James Tavernier gave Alfredo Morelos a great start, which Yoke Beaton could only stop infrequently – so the Celtic defender got a red card. The Rangers’ goal came in the 70th minute after Joe Aribo slipped. Callum McGregorol The ball entered the visitors’ goal (1–0).

In the last 20 minutes, Celtic could no longer find the Rangersen, and Steven Gerrard’s side beat their city rivals for the second time this season. The Rangers, who were already in fourth division a few years ago, took a big step towards becoming a Scottish champion again for the first time in 10 years. Of course, beating Celtic wouldn’t hurt in the qualifiers either.

422nd Old Firm derbin succeeded anyway.

Minute by minute

end of the match!

90 + 3. Minutes: Parker takes his place.

90 minutes: Rogic shoots from 20 meters, McGregor pushes him into the corner.

90 minutes: It’ll take you four minutes!

87 minutes: Zungu replaces Kent!

84 minutes: C. McGregor if you Rogic!

82 minutes: Here he turns off the defenders in front 16, then turns 17 meters, slightly to the left, over the tall summit. Barkas flew, but if the ball fell half a meter deep, he might not be able to defend.

79 minutes: Berisic received a yellow card.

77 minutes: Steven Gerrard replaces: Morelos replaces Iten.

76 minutes: Aribo shoots from 15 yards from the right. The shot is cut from the block.

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The 75th minute: Morelos also gets yellow. And C. McGregor. It’s also for shooting.

74 minutes: Daffy gets yellow. He kicked his opponent from behind. It evolves into a smaller group scene.

73 minutes: Another double exchange of guests: Brown’s Place Soro, and Abdulhamid Place Christie’s.

70th minute: Led Rangers! Tavernier performs a corner kick from the right corner, Arribo arrives briefly, slips, and the ball bounces off goal from Callum McGregor, who tries to save! 1–0

69 minutes: Barisic takes a free kick from the right wing at 18 yards from goal. He targets the upper left, bounces off the row wall and avoids the target in centimeters.

65 minutes: Celtic alternatives for two, Duffy comes for Griffits, and the Greek comes for Turnbull.

63 minutes: Tavernier takes the free kick at 20 yards from the goal, the right end of 16, the pass is centered sharply, Hagee heads the ball, Christie walks into the right corner!

62 minutes: Tavernier gives a great start to Morelos, who speeds up the right wing, enters the latter in front of Peyton, who quickly reaches out with both hands and pulls him down. red!

60 minutes: Edward shot from a distance of 15 meters, sliding from the middle, a meter with a horn, but arrived at good speed and could repel.

57 minutes: Tavernier swings into the left corner, but Barkas pulls the ball down. This is Rangers’ first attempt to hit the gate.

55 minutes: Arribo passes the ball to Moralos at point 11, who turns away from his defender and shoots, but a reward jumps in front of him at the last minute and he can block!

50 minutes: Hagee shoots slightly from the right, 17 meters, not far from the tall summit.

In the second half so far, the Rangers have flown over the ball, but still a lot of inaccuracy.

46 minutes: Stephen Gerrard, Rove, replaced Iannis Hagee.

46 minutes: Let’s go. Rangers kicked the ball.

Celtic had more of the ball in the first half, by 53 percent. The guests got 11 shots or headers and hit the goal three times, three more times in the first 25 minutes. Rangers finished the match with three attempts without a goal …


45 + 1. minute: The first half is over!

45 minutes: One minute above that!

45 minutes: After Edward’s shot comes Celtic at an angle, the ball that rotates from left to center can be shot in the middle but cannot hit the Rangers goal.

43 minutes: After a Griffits pass, Christie shoots from the left, 20 meters well into the goal, but the ball does not hit the goal.

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41 minutes: Soro slips into Kent, it’s yellow too.

40 minutes: Davis received his first yellow card in the match.

37 minutes: Turnbull’s ball reached Griffitz with some luck in the left corner of 16, in the grip of the last two defenders, in the evening, he turned 14 meters into the lower right corner.

35 minutes: At 26 meters from goal, Celtic and Griffits can take a free kick from the right flank, but Aribo, on the right side of the wall of the three-member lineup, takes a full shot …

32 minutes: Griffits gets a good looking jump, but the beach sign pulls off the temptation.

26 minutes: Christie tries to shoot it from 22-24 meters, but he goes too far over goal.

Celtic enjoyed most of the ball 25 minutes into the game, as they maintained 59 percent of possession. He tried to score three times that the Rangers hadn’t scored.

The 22nd minute: GATEWAY! Griffits takes the ball ahead 16, at the right peaks, pushes it inward and then hits the long top, McGregor still tiptoeing with the amazing Robinson, so the ball clicks on the right post!

20 minutes: Morelos tries to catch the ball, but it slips out of his hands. 11 yards in the middle, Frimponjon bounces down the right.

17 minutes: After a corner kick from Turnbull from the left, Davis tried to save the ball for a short while, almost slipping into his own goal. The ball is not far from the bottom left.

So far, the Celtic team will prevail.

12 minutes: s. MacGregor pulls the ball from the left flank, hits the flat short bottom of the front yard 16, and the shot goes a long way off target.

9 minutes: Camara starts in the middle, but starts in front at 16 for a long time, Bitton comes, disappears in front of him, then Camara removes the buck with a pair of legs. There is no page.

6 minutes: After Balogun’s foul, Turnbull starts at the right edge, passes through the middle, where Griffitsd reaches line 16, and shoots, A. McGregor bravely shoots the ball under the bar, but it also springs from him, Turnbull arrives, and shoots, but he hits the bait again.

The third minute: Celtic can really drive! Edward received the ball on the left side, pulled it in and then shot it from a distance of 10 meters, A. McGregor throws it and defends it but rebounds, C. McGregor comes in the middle, and shoots from a distance of six meters, but the goalkeeper enters it, Edward fired for the third time, but he Offside because the match was interrupted.

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Rangers play soccer in blue shirts, white shorts, and celtic green and white striped jerseys.

1 minute: Celtic fan started!

Before the match

11 goals from James Tavernier’s wing (Photo: AFP)

The league is 321 Rangers-Celtic matches, 321 in all series. Rangers won the 163 (123) and Celtic 159 (110), while 99 (87) finished in a draw.

The history of the duel dates back to 1888, when Celtic won 5-2 in a “friendly” match against the city opponent. The last time both sides played in October 2020, when the Rangers beat Celtic home 2-0.

The biggest win in the duel was in the name of Celtic, winning 7: 1 on October 19, 1957 as Rangers host. In addition, Celtic and Rangers managed to win the old derby twice, with five goals (5: 0 / 5-0).

However, since Celtic’s 5-0 success in 2018, the world has taken a big turn. After being re-established and ousted in early 2010, the Rangers, once in the lower classes, took the lead again in Scotland under Steven Gerrard. He leads the current championship by 16 points over Celtic. It is true that the green and white team have played three fewer games. In terms of points lost, Rangers still had seven weeks better. If he wins again today, he will take a big step towards completely tearing his opponent apart. Of course, the qualifiers can still bring excitement …

In the last 15 Rangers’ championships, he has only lost points once, and is still playing in a draw. His dominant game is evidenced by the fact that in addition to his 56 goals scored, he has only got five in the championship rounds so far! Celtic’s goal difference is 45-14. We’ll see more goalscorers on the list, with James Tavernier playing in the Ranger with 11 goals and eight assists, Kimar Rove with ten goals and two assists, and Celtic Odson Edward with seven goals and two assists.

From their last five encounters, Rangers have won three times and Celtic twice. The tie was last held in December 2017, when the parties finished 0-0.

In the number of league titles, Rangers advanced (54-51), in cup victories over Celtic (40-33), Rangers won the Scottish League Cup more (27-19). Celtic won the BEK and Rangers a KEK title. The former has 111 big cups and the latter 115 gigantic stacking trophies.

We have come to another chapter in the historic duel. Follow 422nd Old Firm Derby.

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