Räikkönen: a pontszerzés jó sztori lett volna a 16. helyről

Scoring would have been a good story from 16th

One of Imola’s biggest timer surprises came from the two Alfa Romeos, both pulled out in the Q1 – in Giovinazzi’s case, Mazepin was somewhat inexplicably overtaken at the finish line.

However, in Sunday’s chaos, they quickly got close to the scoring points, and after a huge accident with Russell and Bottas, they both drove to the scoring site. However, Giovinazzi was forced to take an extra turn after he ran into a problem with the rear brake radiators, which reduced his chances of scoring, but he still makes a positive statement about the Italian car’s competitiveness.

Kimi Raikkonen He still brought Alfa Romeo to ninth on the ring, however, due to his erratic during the safety car stage, he eventually left Alfa Imola without points.

“We have started a great recovery after Saturday, and it would be a good story if we could score a starting point from 16th,” Raikkonen said. “The conditions were very tough, the track was slippery all the way around and never dried out – it was easy to make mistakes.”

“It was good on us, but I didn’t see anything in the water curtain. I had a good pace as far as interests, they were completely off stage by the end of the stage, but by that time the track was dry enough for the slick tires. We have experienced better after the red flag. But we managed to keep the others behind us, taking advantage of the path lines, and thus we got the ninth place. “

“Unfortunately, because of our punishment, that didn’t mean anything, but at least we can speak positively about our performance. We fought for points in two consecutive races, and hopefully we can improve even more.”

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