Scientists are concerned about an unusual mutation in the lambda variant

Scientists are concerned about an unusual mutation in the lambda variant

Formerly C.37 lambda variable It was discovered in Peru late last year and has since been discovered in 27 countries, including the United Kingdom.

When doctors first encountered this variant in December, they found only one out of 200 samples, but had given up half of the samples in Lima by March, said Pablo Tsukayama, a molecular microbiologist at Caetano Heredia University in Peru. 80% of new cases – at. According to him, this may show that the lambda variant spreads faster and is more contagious than the other variants.

According to the World Health Organization, the lambda variant caused 82% of cases of the new coronavirus in May and June in Peru and about a third of new cases in neighboring Chile.

However, scientists are not sure whether the mutation in the lambda variant is actually contagious or not, and more studies need to be done to make this possible. By the way, the World Health Organization classified lambda as the seventh variant observed in June, but the most worrying mutation remains four variants, alpha (British), beta (South African), gamma (Brazil) and delta (Indian), according to the organization.

The UK epidemic began investigating the lambda variant on 23 June due to its international spread and multiple mutations. According to British epidemiologists, there is currently no evidence that lambda causes more serious diseases or is more resistant to vaccines, It makes it difficult to study the variant because it consists of mutations that are unusual compared to other variants.

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