He threw a hammer at Eric Gill Prospero and Ariel, which has adorned the British Public Service Building since 1933.

A man in London’s Westminster district was hit with a hammer on a statue that decorates the BBC’s Central Editorial Office on Wednesday afternoon. Reports BBC. Prospero and Ariel have been decorating the British Public Service Building since 1933,

However, its creator, Eric Gill, who died in 1940, has long been at the center of the social debate as he wrote in his memoirs about the sexual abuse of his young daughters.

Several groups (including followers of QAnon Containers) campaigned to remove the work, and the man who damaged the statue shouted, “Pedophile!” Eventually, firefighters took the man out of the building and police arrested him after paramedics examined him.

The event, which took place after 5pm Hungarian time, can be seen in the video below:


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Anti-vaccination protesters stormed a building because they believed the BBC headquarters


They weren’t much wrong, the British Civil Service had already been the headquarters a long time ago, but they’ve since moved there.

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Sarah Rainford, a spokeswoman for the British Civil Service in Moscow, said I had been told by Russian authorities that I would never return to Russia.