Proceedings are pending against the outgoing prime minister in the Stork Nest case.

A spokesman for the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Prague said, on Wednesday, that the organization had asked the lower house of the Czech parliament to lift the immunity of outgoing Prime Minister Andrej Babis. According to Prosecutor General Yaroslav Saros, this is necessary to continue criminal proceedings against Andrei Babis in the so-called Stork Nest case.

Already in 2018, Parliament’s lower house of parliament suspended Babis’ immunity, allowing police to continue action against the prime minister because he suspected Papis of misusing EU subsidies. However, this procedure ended with the end of the parliamentary session, after Babis was re-elected as a deputy in the parliamentary elections on October 8-9, which again exempted him from prosecution, making it impossible to continue criminal proceedings against him until a new decision was taken.

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Another plaintiff’s proposal also relates to the case of the entertainment center called Stork’s Nest, where in 2007 and 2008 the owner of the construction company allegedly received about 50 million kroner (700 million forints) from EU support. The amount has since been repaid to the treasury.

However, the Stork Nest issue has been an internal political problem in the Czech Republic for years. The company that built Stork’s Nest was previously owned by the holding company Agrofert, which was owned solely by Andrej Babis. However, when the recreation center was built, the company became an unknown owner and, as a small business, became eligible for EU support for such businesses. If the stork’s nest remains part of Agrofert, it is likely that it has not received support from the European Union as a large company. The company became part of Agrofert again after the deadline specified in the bid.

According to Babis, he is being tried for political reasons, which he claims is only due to his expiration date and his removal from political life. The Stork Nest case was originally sued against 11 people, but the only suspect today remains Andre Babis.

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Andre Babis resigns in writing


With Milos Zeman still in hospital, Babis and his cabinet resigned in writing.

Babys can ask for his successor


Citing doctors at the Central Military Hospital in Prague, Milos Westersel, President of the Czech Senate, said that the Czech head of state, Milos Zeman, is unfit to perform the duties of a head of state. Zimant was taken to hospital on October 10, immediately after the parliamentary elections, in serious condition and behaving in confusion, according to unconfirmed reports. This means that for the time being, Peter Fiala, prime ministerial candidate in the winning centre-right coalition, has been unable to start formal government formation talks after incumbent Andre Babis conceded his defeat and declared his opposition. By the way, Zeman is an ally of Babis, and before the elections he tasked his party, the United Nations billionaire, with forming a government instead of an opposition coalition. If Zeman is officially declared unfit to serve as head of state, the current prime minister, Babis, may authorize his son to start government formation talks, in accordance with a Senate resolution.