Andras Domani

His opponents accused him of violating the law and imposing dictatorship during the large demonstration that took place on Thursday.

The Polish prime minister, who took office a month ago, gave his first major television interview on Friday evening, and the first question was, of course, about the jailed former interior minister and his deputy, who were arrested on Thursday at the presidential palace in connection with a case dating back to 2007.

Tusk said: Here we are dealing with people who have been legally convicted of serious crimes, and court rulings are respected in the rule of law. That is why Mariusz Kaminski and Maciej Wasik are in prison. If the President of the Republic had wanted to pardon them, he could have done so immediately, and then released them immediately. The prime minister said it was not clear why he initiated a longer pardon process instead. According to him, politicians will not regain their parliamentary mandate, because they lost it by force of law after the ruling was issued. In all cases, he does not interfere in the work of the Public Prosecution, because the Minister of Justice, who also holds the position of Head of the Public Prosecution, is an independent, partisan professional whom he trusts, so the Minister decides whether the two are the same or not. The convicts will be released at the request of the head of state.

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He wants to cooperate with President Andrzej Duda, whom he now accuses of violating the Constitution, on matters of foreign policy and national security, primarily in supporting Ukraine. However, Tusk noted that for eight years the president had silently tolerated and even contributed to the destruction of the legal system by his former party, PiS. The Prime Minister wants a “friendly Poland”, but at the same time he promised that PiS's abuses at state-owned companies would soon be exposed to the point that anyone who reads them will be put off. They appoint successors to current party members to head these companies through open tenders.

Donald Tusk also announced that they also want to strengthen the rule of law by regulating public media.

Regarding the intervention that the Court of First Instance refused to register the new heads of television, radio and public news agencies who were appointed by bypassing the PiS-dominated Media Council, that is, in violation of the law, he answered somewhat vaguely: If this becomes legally binding, Then they will look for another solution, but completely legal.

One reporter posed a pointed question about the promised easing of strict abortion rules that millions are eagerly awaiting: What to expect and when? Donald Tusk responded that they had a plan for that, but there was no agreement within the coalition, as the two most conservative parties in the government wanted to hold a referendum. Therefore, he cannot promise that the legislation will change soon. The new law may also face obstacles due to the President of the Republic, but what falls within the government’s jurisdiction will be done in any case. They issue such guidelines and try to create such an atmosphere in hospitals that, at least in situations that threaten the life and health of the mother, even when the current strict law allows termination of pregnancy, it is actually implemented. Don't let women die because doctors are afraid to follow the law.

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It is a sign of the new era that the one-hour interview was broadcast on Friday evening at exactly eight o'clock in the evening on three television stations with the participation of one of its employees: In addition to the public service tax, which is undergoing restructuring and causing legal disputes, the two largest commercial channels, one of which in recent years has been a government The Law and Justice Party was a fierce critic, and the other was closer to it. They wondered that the reporters were not humble.