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Science that feeds on music | University of Debrecen

Science that feeds on music |  University of Debrecen

Researchers, performers and teachers dealing with music art, music science and music pedagogy conducted a professional exchange of ideas and presented their latest research findings at the Music Pedagogy Conference organized by the Faculty of Music of the University of Debrecen and the Future Arts Foundation. The event also discussed, among other things, the opinion of music teachers on the state of the art and music education, as well as the role of parents in music education.

Waiting for JuditThe President of the Conference, University Professor of the Faculty of Music, emphasized that the event lived up to expectations and achieved its purpose: doctoral schools, professionals and professors of music can enter into a closer dialogue than ever before, so that they can integrate many good practices into their professional activities.

– It means a lot to the faculty and the profession that we can organize a conference every year, the profile of which is exclusively related to musicology, performing arts and music pedagogy. In this focus, the conference is unique in the country. Everyone's goal is to know what the profession deals with today and to enrich their repertoire with new knowledge. “Every year, our range of topics becomes more diverse and richer, which shows how diverse the subject of music teaching methods is,” says Judit Varady.

It was announced at the opening of the event that the university’s doctoral program had prepared the tenth thesis specifically related to music pedagogy.

– The program to support research in music pedagogy began twelve years ago, and since then more and more musicians have obtained doctoral degrees from the University of Debrecen. This is due to the fact that more and more scientific works on this topic are being published at the Doctoral Faculty of Education. He said: I hope that all music teachers maintain their individuality in addition to that their research work is limited to strict rules, and therefore each of them deals with the work of the other with great openness. Gabriella PustaiDirector of the DE Institute of Education and Cultural Sciences, Head of the Doctoral College of Humanities.

peter lakatos, At the end of the professional event, the Dean of the DE College of Music said: The conference has opened new horizons for professionals.

– I am grateful that the college was once again able to host music teachers from the country and we were able to listen to their performances that represented the highest professional level. The questions and comments were an inspiration to everyone, each carrying an important message, even in relation to digital education. This is a meeting point that can determine the development of music pedagogy and further directions of research in the long term – emphasized the Rector of the Faculty.

At the professional event, participants were able to listen to forty-one presentations from thirty-five speakers in a total of nine sections, among others, students of singing and music teaching about experiences related to their years of training, and the initial motivations for learning music that can be seen in high school students and adults. , and also about how students are prepared for public performances in music schools, and what knowledge five- to ten-year-old children have about folk music and folk traditions. It was about cognitive music education, university students' attitude towards classical music concerts, and high school music students' career orientation. Music teachers could also share experiences about what they think about the current state of art and music education, and how parents can be encouraged to play a more active role in Field of music education.

The Music Education Conference was held for the fourth time with the support of the Research Institute for Art Theory and Methodology of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, the Future Arts Foundation and the Faculty of Music of the University of Debrecen.

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