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Science: One of Spain’s most important Neolithic cave-painting sites has been discovered by drone

Science: One of Spain’s most important Neolithic cave-painting sites has been discovered by drone

Drones have been used to discover prehistoric frescoes in hard-to-reach caves in Spain. According to archaeologists, they have found one of the most important Neolithic cave painting sites in the Valencia region.

The use of drones has allowed archaeologists to collect evidence of previously unseen cave paintings, believed to date back 5,000-7,500 years, according to The Guardian. CNN.

This discovery was reported by a research group from the University of Alicante lucentum In the Spanish Scientific Journal. As they wrote, the drone project has made it easier to inspect areas that can only be accessed by “opening complex climbing routes.”

Known for prehistoric artifacts, Francisco Javier Molina Hernandez, chief archaeologist at the University of Alicante, said it was referred to in the Spanish press only as “Indiana Drones,” referring to the film’s protagonist, archaeologist Indiana Jones.

The researchers report that the first results were found within a few days after drones flew into a quarry near Benaguela, Alicante.

Then climbers visited the site and checked for different styles of murals. They include stylized figures and animals such as goats and deer, some of which were hit by arrows.

Molina said researchers invented drones because they had previously risked their lives to get into hollows in harsh geography.

According to archaeologists, this find is one of the most important Neolithic cave-painting sites discovered in the Valencia region in recent decades due to the large number of figures observed. “The discovery of new cave paintings in this type of cave suggests that prehistoric humans developed sophisticated climbing tools, possibly using ropes or wooden scaffolding,” said Molina.

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As a next step, the team plans to use more powerful drones to take better quality images and expand their research to other regions in Spain, Portugal and Europe, the lead archaeologist said.

You can see the photos by clicking here:

Discovering prehistoric cave paintings in Spain using drones | CNN

Archaeologists in Spain have discovered prehistoric paintings in hard-to-reach caves in the east of the country using drone technology. The use of drones allowed the researchers to quickly gather evidence of previously unseen cave paintings dating between 5,000 and 7,500 years ago, according to a statement from the team at the University of Alicante in Spain.

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