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Science on stage Mora’s Talent Enrichment Program – Nyregyhaza City Gate

Science on stage Mora's Talent Enrichment Program - Nyregyhaza City Gate

Students of Ferenc Mora Primary School in Nyregyhaza, interested in the natural sciences, participated in an exceptional experimental educational class at the Hungarian National Circus in Budapest, where students can learn how to create magic on stage.

The circus is where great things happen. Artists fly through the air, forming amazing human pyramids, acrobatics, and amazing parapas who are also able to do fun stunts. Get an insight into this magic with teachers of the Hungarian National Circus, Dorottya Kanizsai High School in Szombathely, Andrea Sinkó and Bernadet Kovacsics. In the chapter, the phenomena discussed to show jr. Artists of the Hungarian National Circus led by Josef Richter and the Rebel Brothers. Approximately 50 students from our school participated in the private experimental teaching day, courtesy of Imola Higedosni Kala, Yvette Vanini Farago and Anita Salini Turok. Students were given behind-the-scenes insights into the production’s background and scientific implications. Pupils watched the amazing acrobatic and animal productions semi-publicly, while also learning about the physical and biological effects of a particular show. This is how they were born, for example, Newton’s laws, the laws of oblique throwing, without which the trick would not be possible. Unforgettable moments were given to the audience by the so-called drunk glasses that completely upset one of the best charlatans in the world, Juan Pablo Martinez. This circus-set class was a truly experiential educational session, linking experience directly to learning. As we continue to this day, we discover the secrets of the Palace of Miracles. We also took part in two lectures in the glass lab, where we learned about the world of lightning and interesting chemical experiments. The 9D cinema experience has culminated today. The students were able to go home rich in useful knowledge. Thank you for supporting Nyíregyháza Vector Center – Josephni Jaczkowitz, President of the Foundation, reported on the programme.

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