Science has revealed something surprising about more women with bodies

Science has revealed something surprising about more women with bodies

Not too bad is the size of the larger jeans!

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According to a recent survey, 56 percent of women are dissatisfied with how they look, and in fact, their appearance. No one has a perfect body, there is no impeccable appearance, but this is not precisely what many can think and lead what cannot be achieved. However, a group of American researchers gave surprising information: it is better not to strive for a cubic belly and an XS size, if you do not have to, because for round women It has some advantages over others.

Plus-size kids are healthier

It is important to emphasize that outright obesity does not apply to her extra size Indicative, but for someone’s strong hips, buttocks and breasts, strengthening mainly the curved camp. Researcher Leon Flickr said women with such a shape tend to be healthier and live longer. He added: In one place, fat protects the body, but it is better for this fat to be around the buttocks and thighs and not the abdomen, because belly fat can also be dangerous. In old age, when women have a slightly higher BMI, their bones break less and are protected from more disease by not being malnourished and getting bigger.

They are less likely to be depressed

The gene called FTO is also responsible for two things: obesity and happiness. Women who find this gene, while round in idle, are more likely to have continued happiness and are more positive in life.

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Overall levels of happiness are regularly higher for chicks who are stronger in the buttocks and thighs, the more life affirmation, and the more smiling. Scientists have not yet discovered the exact connection, but they have shown that women who are thin and very young are less able to break free and forget about themselves.

Be careful in eating, in no case do not fatten yourself to be happier, but strive for a balanced diet, do not bother and accept your talents, which, of course, are worth highlighting the best!

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