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Science has proven that dogs love people

Science has proven that dogs love people

If tail wagging and licking don’t convince you, science has also proven that dogs really do love people.

The dog has been a faithful companion of man for thousands of years: faithful, loyal, affectionate, it is no wonder that many people see him as man’s best friend. But are they driven by true feelings or do they just expect dirt from people? Dog owners know from practice what scientists have also confirmed in recent years: dogs genuinely love people, perhaps even more than food.

Gregory Burns, a neurologist at Emory University in Georgia, in 2015 Check it out closely on the subject, when he trained his dog and other dogs to tolerate the noise while doing an MRI scan so he could analyze the animals’ brain activity. The dogs were shown various scents from strangers, familiar animals, and people, during which they discovered that the part of the dog’s brain used for emotions, stimulation, or romantic feelings was also activated during familiar human scents.

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However, this is not the only evidence proving the true feelings of dogs. 2022 single In the study Among other things, they investigated whether bees preferred their owner to food, whether they were away from the owner for four hours, and also if they were not given food. The experiment was very simple: the owner was placed not far from his food dish, and then the dog had to decide whether to go to his bowl or to his owner sooner. Eight out of ten dogs chose the owner.

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