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Science and love – that’s all you need for good fun

Science and love – that’s all you need for good fun

The story takes place in the world of STEM, which is an English word mosaic: science + technology + engineering + mathematics = science + technology + engineering science + mathematics. B. Konigwasser is a neuro-engineer and a purple-haired Jedi who loves Star Wars, and NASA is offering her to lead a very important project. There is a problem with the mission, and that is that the project is coordinated by two people: he and Levi Ward, Bee’s eternal enemy, who is otherwise attractive, dark-haired, tall and strong-armed, with whom he saves. The girl is in a difficult situation. But the enemy will remain the enemy forever or not? And it gets more and more complex, as the mercury in the romantic thermometer jumps higher and higher. Bee’s lab equipment doesn’t arrive, his colleagues don’t talk to him, and he feels like his career is on hold again. Surprisingly, in this situation, Levi becomes her ally.

Even in his latest book, I really liked the sci-fi world in which the author placed his characters. This is no different now, in fact, the current location, the NASA Research Laboratory, is much more convenient. The writer’s unspoken goal is to show in her books the poor position of women in the scientific age. In this book, even the USA’s bad admission score system played an important role.

The whole story shows that Ali Hazelwood loved to write. And what is written with love will be loved by the reader. The book’s language is sarcastic, humorous, and unique, making every page a real experience, even if nothing disturbing happens. I only have one problem, but that doesn’t detract from it, and that’s the titles. I was unable to relate the scientific term to the simple word or phrase associated with it. Perhaps a little explanation could fit underneath.

The bee was a unique personality who was easily recognizable as a woman. It has its quirks, but who doesn’t. Her character not only teaches that, yes, it is possible to be a woman of science well, but also to be herself. Don’t be afraid of what others say, the main thing is that you feel good in your own skin. The other main character, Levi, was not a deep character. It is the perfect example of what young people love to read about. The hot guy, the calm, the eternally angry, the attentive, the kind, the likable, and he does it all for the one he loves.

I don’t want to compare this volume with Formula of Love, but I have to point out that in the case of the first, the climax is more exciting and heavy. It touched my heart the most because it showed the unpleasant situation women can be in in a world dominated by men.

In conclusion, I just want to read more about Marie Curie. In the book, he is Bee’s model, and we learn a lot of interesting facts about him, from which we can conclude that his life was no picnic, but he didn’t give up, and that’s the whole point.

Ali Hazelwood: Unconscious Love


Maxim Publishing – Choosing a Dream (2023)

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