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Science and fantasy made history 46 years ago – Star Wars was introduced

Science and fantasy made history 46 years ago – Star Wars was introduced

May 25, 1977 is a holiday in red letters For science fiction fanswhere the Star Wars movie premiered on this day, which was later renamed and shown under the title Star Wars IV: A New Hope.

Before the work was presented, no one knew that this film would have many sequels, sequels, series, and who knows what else.

The Star Wars saga is still hugely popular, and perhaps more popular than ever. The work fundamentally changed American film production and its closely related advertising and marketing activities. It made the film’s writer and director George Lucas a hero, while the production’s cast became living gods, at least in the eyes of fans. We can’t go to a store or walk down the street without seeing a famous science fiction item on a piece of clothing, a household item, or even a means of transportation. Although ours Compared to the premiere, the work arrived much later, only on August 16, 1979has become a big camp for us, just like all over the world.

Writer and director George Lucas, on a Star Wars set in Tunisia, is in talks with Anthony Daniels, who played C3PO Photo: Sunset Boulevard/Getty Images

The force was with the Hungarian fans – by popular demand at Christmas

How much Hungarians love Star Wars is well illustrated by the fact that they flooded Hungarian television with letters, asking and even demanding to show the movie. This came to fruition, on Christmas Day 1984, exactly the 25th of December. This was also a big thing because It was then that they were able to see the work in the Hungarian dubbing for the first time, since it was shown only with subtitles in the cinema. Interestingly, of the three episodes of the original trilogy, “The Empire Strikes Back” received only the Hungarian dub.

In a galaxy far, far away

How many people has star wars reached so far and How long will it take after that It is impossible to predict, and it suffices to mention that the author of this article also chose the influence of this film on the media as the topic of his university thesis. The question may arise about what he knows, what this business can do, because he is still able to sit in millions in front of screens and how long he can do it successfully.

Perhaps because she never wanted it to be more than a fairy tale, where good and evil fight, we also get love and adventure, and all this in an entertaining way, not just anywhere, but in a galaxy far, far away. .

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