Schwarzenegger's handshake also required Peter Molnar's success at the Arnold Classic

Schwarzenegger’s handshake also required Peter Molnar’s success at the Arnold Classic

After finishing eighth last year, this year he became the sixth Hungarian bodybuilder in the second most important bodybuilding competition in the world.

We know that the long-awaited handshake with Arnold Schwarzenegger has finally met.
Indeed. Right before the race, he walked up to me backstage, shook hands with me and said, “Good luck, Peter!” He said. Peter Molnar, who placed sixth in the classic fitness class at the Arnold Classic in Ohio in early March. “I was completely shocked when I found out my name.” They’ve been organizing the Arnold Classic for thirty-four years, and I’m proud that after last year’s event – as the first Hungarian – I was invited again this year.

What is the reason for your progress?
There were no really good riders on the field last year except for the winner. But this year, wages were raised, allowing the top runners to fight for first place.

Honestly, I was a little shocked who I had to compete with: eight of the nine participants had already entered the Mr. Olympia, and one of them was an Arnold Classic winner.

At the same time, I was encouraged to take the stage against such wonderful riders, and I was racing a lot more now than I was in my first Arnold Classic. I feel like I’ve been able to fix my mistakes and move on.

Will that be enough for Mr. Olympia?
I hope that. It’s a big dream for me to be among the top six bodybuilders in this test as well. To do that, I have to win the British Arnold Classic in September beforehand. I also want to start at two prestigious races in July and August, the Tampa Pro and the Texas Pro. Then there might be the Arnold Classic mentioned above, followed by Mr. Olympia in December.

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Back to sixth now: Surprised?
Meg. They are called black horses on the social media surfaces of American bodybuilding portals, which reveals a lot about the way they think of me. It is my pleasure and honor to be among the bodybuilders as I do my best to compete successfully with my younger competitors.

The atmosphere in professional racing is incredibly relaxed, and much more fluid than in amateur racing.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the pros don’t take racing seriously, in fact! Professionals try to counter what is best for their opponent.

The popularity of the sport in Hungary and the recognition of professional Hungarian bodybuilders in Hungary still leaves much to be desired.
We can’t really compete with the footballers, so it’s no surprise that they haven’t heard much about my score. People only care about first place, no matter what quality of competition you achieve. But there is nothing wrong with that either, it also encourages me to finally win a professional fight that will eventually have news value. What matters to me is how thoughtful the profession is. At the Arnold Classic, for example, I was congratulated by the editor-in-chief of Muscular Development, who said I could have even finished fourth. It’s also a huge honor to be able to watch the open race final from row one, right away, in the company of family members Shaquille O’Neal and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Only a few make it to Budapest XIII. Live for such a prestigious event. It couldn’t be a greater honor.

Speaking of the open competition, did Brandon Curry deserve to win?
He fought hard with William Bonac, and there was a close fight between them. Curry’s build is amazingly proportioned, while that’s less true for a bonac. I think the insignificant difference was decided in Brandon’s favour.

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Arnold Classic Ohio 2022 Fitness Classic Class Final score
1 – Terence Ruffin (USA)
2 – Ramon Rocha Queiroz (Brazil)
3 – Urs Kalicinsky (Germany)
4 – Bryon Ansley (USA)
5 – Michael Dabol (UK)
6 – Peter Molnar (Hungary)

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