Schouss Peter Bode: We see the Hungarian economy more clearly

Schouss Peter Bode: We see the Hungarian economy more clearly

The last time I mentioned it, as opposed to public rhetoric a The farm did not stop during a pandemic (epidemics)So, of course, you are not expected to start after the new wave (s), especially with a push. Therefore, there is no objective basis for the slogan “Start”, especially since the government did not campaign with the text “We shut down the economy” at the start of last year’s recession. Other than that, economics as an abstract concept, growth / economic decline, is a holistic statistic, whereas a living economy is a diverse organism, with millions of interests, aspirations, plans and occasional failures, with completely different performance.

What matters, of course, is the general environment, although each sector differs, and even within a particular sector, the situation of economic actors differs.

Every entrepreneur, every company makes its own decision and then bears the unpleasant or unpleasant consequences of its decisions.

Every sober analyst could have known last spring about the general conditions of the national economy that we will have a setback due to the epidemic. Of course, it was not clear what the pandemic would cause as both professional areas and individuals. It is a historical experience that every distress, be it a war or an epidemic, affects someone very badly, while it affects others less, and as in any emergency situation, a person does very well.

Well, the data is slowly coming in all over the world. Until the end of 2020, our region has been excluded from the worst in terms of the spread of the epidemic, and the economic loss has also become great, especially in the congested, metropolitan and service old Europe. Last year saw a moderate decline within the region in the three Baltic states, Poland and Serbia, with an annual decline of about one to three percent. Hungary or Germany suffered a further 5% recession.

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