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Schneider Electric and Enel join forces

Összefogott a Schneider Electric és az Enel

2021. 10. 08. 22:00

Schneider Electric and Enel Group have launched a beta version of the jointly developed Net Zero Carbon Cities Toolbox digital platform. The platform includes decarbonization solutions to help cities transition to sustainable operations in the areas of energy management, building management, mobility, water and waste management.

Schneider Electric Group and Enel from the World Economic Forum September 20-23. Net Zero Carbon Toolbox beta launch announced in connection with the “Sustainable Development Impact Summit” held in

The digital platform already includes more than 200 real-world case studies and solutions from more than 110 cities around the world that can help other cities transition to sustainable operations. The toolkit is accessible to all and can provide particularly useful support to city leaders, government and business representatives. By browsing the database, users can search for ideas that can be applied themselves, either based on specific characteristics or more pressing local challenges. The digital platform contains policy, business and financing models that lead to reduced emissions as well as local value, such as green jobs or better air quality.

In the database, users will find Enel integrated solutions to create carbon-neutral, sustainable and resilient urban ecosystems around the world. Focusing on smart energy infrastructure, it introduced Enel Open Meter, a new generation of smart meters. Thanks to the new type of measurement, it will be possible to collect more than 7000 billion data points annually in Italy alone, where the technology will reach more than 35 million customers by 2025, making it possible to analyze the operation of electricity networks even more accurately. The open meter is a digital tool that increases customer awareness and helps the company better understand energy consumption habits, which can be used to transition to more efficient and sustainable consumption models. In addition, the tool will allow consumers to take a proactive role in monitoring and controlling projects such as solar panels, home automation and electric mobility, facilitating the deployment of new and advanced energy services. Enel Group manufactures the open meter using recycled plastic as part of its transition to the circular economy, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 6 percent and generates 122 grams less waste per open meter than a conventionally made meter.

The platform also includes a number of solutions that Schneider Electric has successfully implemented. These projects demonstrate how energy efficiency can save energy and materials that can be recycled back into urban community and infrastructure projects, including infrastructure regeneration, integration of municipal buildings with HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems and intelligent automated control. . Update. In the United States, the Netherlands and Michigan, for example, city leaders worked with Schneider Electric to develop an energy-saving plan that helped renovate infrastructure while achieving sustainability results and reducing energy consumption for city residents by 30 to 50 percent.

The Toolbox, just launched, is the third initiative of the “Net Zero Carbon Cities” programme. The program is an initiative of the World Economic Forum to coordinate and expand the efforts of companies, cities and national governments to create sustainable, resilient and livable urban ecosystems. The program is co-chaired by Jean-Pascal Tricoire, President and CEO of Schneider Electric, and Francesco Staras, President and CEO of the Enel Group.

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