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Scenes of Serbia near the Hungarian border

Scenes of Serbia near the Hungarian border

Magnificent cities, a mysterious village and beautiful hiking spots are waiting to be discovered in the northern parts of Serbia.

Vojvodina is one of the most ideal places for those who want to leave the noise of the city behind for a few days. The part of Serbia bordering Hungary is full of beautiful natural and historical sites. Most of the locations are ideal for enjoying the fall weather and colorful colours.

Császár Lake – Bird watching and photo safaris

Lake Császár (Carska bara) and its surroundings are a beautiful nature reserve stretching between the Tisza and Bega rivers, 10 kilometers from Nagybecskerek. The reserve is subject to UNESCO protection because of the special plants and animals it contains. Among others, 240 bird species have been recorded in the Kasar Lake area, as well as 24 different fish species and more than 500 plant species.

The nature reserve can not only be explored on foot. You can rent a bicycle for hiking, or you can tour the area by boat. The most popular local programs are bird watching and photo safaris.

Monostorszeg – delicious fish juice

Monostorszeg (Bački Monoštor) in Vojvodina is also referred to as the “Amazon of Europe” and the “Seven Villages on the Danube”. The last name stuck in the settlement because Surrounded by water on all sidesEven arrival gives the settlement a special atmosphere.

In the hidden village on the banks of the Danube, tourists are attracted by the interesting ethnic houses and bicycle paths.

Monostorszeg is also a place worth spending time for its gastronomy as well as history and culture. This is where one of the best fish juices in the world (Repliji Paprikash) is made. The village, located 12 kilometers from Žombor, was once home to a large Hungarian population, but now most of its residents are Croats.

Palix – for active recreation

One stick Popular spa town In the northern part of Vojvodina, close to the Serbian-Hungarian border. The wonderful settlement is located on the shore of a lake, so today it has developed into a real paradise for lovers of swimming, sports and recreation.

Tennis, soccer and other ball games are available in the area, but you can also rent a bike, go bowling, horseback riding and even try minigolf and paintball. Those who love water sports have a special privilege in Baliks, because the waters of Lake Baliks warm up quickly, so the bathing season begins relatively early here.

For those who like hiking, it would be a sin not to visit the settlement, as there are several nature reserves in the immediate vicinity of Palex.

The reserve surrounding Ludasító is a refuge for many endangered species of plants and animals. In addition to the natural treasures of the Silivini Plain, you can also find the lodge of the most famous Hungarian outlaw, Sándor Rózsa, in the Silivini Forest.

Private zoos

You will find Palichi Zoo in the immediate vicinity of Palichi Lake. The park consists of 10 hectares of cultivated land, and 150 species of animals have been placed on it. Among others, you can see bears, leopards, monkeys and lions here. 10 kilometers from Palic there is a village called Hajdukovo, where you can visit an ostrich farm.

Mickey’s Zoo in Küllőd is the only private zoo in Serbia. The institution has a reputation for being at least as interesting for animal lovers and families with children as it is for scientists and ornithologists.

Diliplate sand desert

Deliblatska Peščara (Deliblatska Peščara) is unique in Europe. The flora of the sandy area of ​​about 300 square kilometers is very rich, and many rare and endangered bird species also live here. This is precisely why it is Delibláti-Homopústát It is considered one of the most important bird habitats on the continent.

The area consists of marshes, lakes, the Karas River and river islands, making it an ideal destination for those who want to go hiking. Incidentally, a special barren zone was created when the Pannonian Sea receded.

paternal uncle

Pax on the Danube is one A true cultural and historical gem. Here, for example, is located one of the oldest medieval castles in Vojvodina, which was strengthened in the 14th century by the Hungarian King Károly of Anjou, and here stands the 15th-century Budany Monastery with its beautiful coast and its own spring.

Travelers should also visit the Franciscan Monastery. Not far from Pakse is Lake Provala, where you can also visit Vojvodina’s excellent sandy beach – for example, if you come here in summer rather than autumn.

Culture, art and good wine

In the northern regions of Serbia, there are two large cities that are also worth visiting. Subotica is now famous for its unique atmosphere, architecture, excellent food and high-quality wine. For this reason, the city is a popular stop among Croatian, Hungarian and Romanian tourists.

National Theater in Subotica (Photo: Mehmet Akif Parlak/AFP)

The “Athens of Serbia”, i.e. Novi Sad, has been around for a long time Synonymous with culture and art matters in the country. The city’s beautiful buildings hide a lot of history, secrets and undiscovered underground passages, and the clock tower offers a wonderful view of the Danube and Novi Sad.

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