Scandals struck Gyurcsánye in a row, so Brussels began to support them again with money

Scandals struck Gyurcsánye in a row, so Brussels began to support them again with money

Ms Gyurcsány, with the support of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D), declares S&D Facebook video, noted by Origo. A member of the European Union Democratic Alliance (DK) received help from his family in his European party due to his recent scandals, particularly in Think of a country tour without a mask – He has serious authenticity issues. Brussels is doing everything it can to portray the ridiculous Gyurcsany as a serious and responsible European politician. The reason for this is simple: from this position you can more effectively attack the oriental vaccines, and now also AstraZeneca.

“I remember with these sentences that I started the European Parliament campaign in the spring of 2019, almost two years ago. Many things have happened since then” – In a video he posted to Facebook on Monday, Ferenc Gyurcsany’s wife remembers his pre-election speech last year, in which he tried to present himself as a serious and reliable politician during the nearly two-minute recording. Not by chance.

They pay the bill again

As it happened two years ago, in this video talk about the importance of the United States of Europe. According to him, the epidemic showed it “We need Europe that is not weaker, but much stronger.” Then he testified at length about the achievements and efforts of Brussels as a member of the European Parliament for the security and well-being of Europeans, and his role in that. “We have taken a very big step towards the United States of Europe” Said the representative of the European Union in DK.

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In other words, Ms. Gyurcsány gave a kind of summary of the past two years and tried to establish herself as a strong and serious policy. It’s definitely interesting that the S&D logo appears at the end of the video, which means the recording was made by DK’s European party family.

By the way, the video has been available on Ms. Gyurcsany’s page since Monday, and as the data available on the transparency page on Facebook shows, the registration runs as a paid ad, and the sponsor is S&D. Currently, European Socialists have supported the hypothetical distribution of campaign materials in the range of 100,000 to 120,000 forints, and have so far paid for four entries. In Hungarian,

Brussels again supported Gyurcsányné.

Source: Facebook / Klára Dobrev

Credibility Correction

The question that arises is what caused this and why did this just happen? As is known, Gyurcsányne has been subjected to many scandals in the recent past that completely undermined her popularity and negatively affected her political image.

The most famous case was when he met left-wing politicians on his election tour, which began in early March, without wearing a mask. Although the numbers were already high at that time, it is no coincidence that the government tightened mask-wearing rules at this time. The politician is promoting himself, however Irresponsibly He ignored the regulations which, needless to say, were more than dangerous in this situation.

Later claimedIt could prove not to infect anyone, In comparison, during his election tour, he met Karoly Gioros, who later died from the coronary virus. And it was clear from one of the positions of Tata’s actress Carolee Gioros that Mrs. Gyurcsany denies meeting them. Not to mention that during the campaign, he too I picked up the infection: With bilateral pneumonia He lay in bed for several weeks.

In other words, in recent weeks, Ferenc Gyurcsany’s wife’s political competence was questioned for his political mistakes, which he did not hurt to change. That’s why Brussels rushed to his aid: S&D employees put up slogans that seemed so serious about the video that it looked like a serious European politician. The reason for this is simple: DK and the Gyurcsány spouses play an important role in the left’s anti-vaccination campaign, and for voters to believe their messages, they must be reliable. Mrs. Gyurcsány can attack Oriental and AstraZeneca vaccines more effectively from this position.

Source: MTI / Koszticsák Szilárd

Last year, money also flowed into Gyurcsánye from Brussels

The current online video campaign started on Monday and it is not yet known how long it will last and how much S&D it will move into.

In any case, it is certain that the DK family paid more than 26 million forints to Ferenc Gyurcsany’s wife between November and December of last year, meaning a lot of money came to the politician’s campaign from Brussels. On Origó, we also launched the Gyurcsányné meter to show the frequency of money arriving in the left-wing politician from abroad.

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